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About Us

The Center for Intuitive Development

Intuition [in-too-ish-uh’n]: Messaging system from Source; Knowledge without proof or evidence.

The Center for Intuitive Development is an educational center for self-awareness, personal and professional development and spiritual enlightenment, based on the 9 Programs developed by Lynn M. Bunch. These Programs are the heart of The Center and empower individuals to reconnect, hone and expand their intuitive abilities to Live a Life with Passion and Purpose. We believe that a key element in Creating a Life with Passion and Purpose is the ability to nurture Conscious Interactions both personally and professionally, and we focus on three integral principals to achieve this: 1) Identify the facts to embrace the Challenge 2) Implement the structure for Support and 3) Instill Accountability for growth. These Programs are available through classroom workshops or individual DVD packages with your own consultant to guide you through. We also offer private sessions, individual coaching, a leadership training program as well as healthy lifestyle services and products.

Intuitive Educator, Lynn M. Bunch, founded Intuitive Development in 1996 after realizing her life path was to educate people on how to use their own intuitive abilities – an ability she possessed since childhood – to make dramatic life changes. Lynn has empowered thousands of individuals, couples, and families throughout the world, to improve their relationships, careers and personal growth.

Lynn M. Bunch
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Lynn is an Intuitive Educator and owner and CEO of Intuitive Development, LLC. Lynn’s vision is to train and empower people to live in their highest state of consciousness. She has created a practical approach that helps individuals and professionals leverage one of the most powerful tools at their disposal – their intuition. Her direct approach cuts through ambiguity or negativity and gives people tangible access to this most natural resource. Lynn was awarded “Best in The Valley” in 2010 by Phoenix Magazine as well as the Natural Choice Awards “Best Spiritual Center” in 2012. She has authored multiple books as well as an extensive course curriculum for personal and professional development. Included in these are her greatest achievements as wife, mother and grandmother.

Lisa McGinley
Human Relations

Lisa is co-owner of Intuitive Development, LLC. At the very core of Lisa you will find an empowering motivator and the force behind the Leadership Team. Taking the concepts of the courses Lynn has developed she reinforces their use and mastery with the leaders in the company. Lisa does individual training with our Interns, Support Team, Consultants and Associates integrating mastery of the 3 integral principles along with their creativity, knowledge and implementation of materials to assure amazing results and life changing experiences for our clients.

Lynn and Lisa began this journey together in 1965 when Lisa welcomed her sister Lynn into her world! Being 2 ½ years younger, Lynn grew up in Lisa’s shadow; Lisa taking the lead in all things external, Lynn with steady internal strength. Individually and together throughout their lives they have integrated various spiritual/physical practices eventually leading to Lynn conducting private sessions in her home then expanding to include workshop settings in both their living rooms. Clients lovingly referred to Lynn as “Living room, Lynn.” Thus, Intuitive Development was formed! Not only are the L’s as they are lovingly referred, business partners and sisters, they are also best friends! Now with a team of remarkable individuals The Center for Intuitive Development continues to grow and thrive!

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