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Intuitive Relationships

Intuitive Relationships

Define your bottom lines!

Compromise without compromising yourself. How would you like to have your perfect relationship? Whether it be an intimate partnership or with family and friends, this course will provide you the tools to experience passion, unity and fulfillment in any relationship. Learn the difference between an empowering relationship with a plan of action and a relationship struggling for power by discovering what you’re willing to negotiate and what are bottom-line, non-negotiable rule breakers.

Lynn M. Bunch has been working with couples and individuals for over 16 years assisting them in finding, embracing and manifesting the perfect partnership. Lynn helps couples negotiate a plan to get them back on track, moving forward productively, responsibly and passionately. Lynn developed this course based on her work with others, her personal experiences, and her intuitive expertise. If you’re willing to look deep and do the work necessary within yourself this course has been proven to manifest your desired results!

Lynn M. Bunch developed Intuitive Relationships and broke the principles down into easy to understand tools and formulas. This E-Course is available through through our Journey to Success program.

We get results, we guarantee it! If you are not completely satisfied we will give you a one-time only full refund of your investment.

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