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Teen Youth Program

We have taken the Core Introductory Programs from Lynn’s curriculum and modified them to fit our teens! Each month we focus on a course and the tools within that will allow them to stay present and engaged in their lives. The teen years are tough. It is a time when outside influences and opinions play a major role. Through these courses teens will learn how to navigate the blocks that come up, how to identify power struggles within themselves and others and come out feeling empowered, confident and aware of what is at the core of the conflict. They get to know one another and form a strong support system that they can fall back on when life feels overwhelming.

Two highly trained facilitators from our Leadership Program conduct the class with a balance of understanding, intensity, empathy and a whole lot of fun! Classes are small and intimate so reservations are required. Call today to make your reservation!

Description Fee
Teen Youth Program enrollment (per student, monthly) $150.00

Here’s what they’re saying about the Youth Program.

“It’s a safe place to discover your emotional expression.”

“You feel unique but I don’t feel alone (like an outcast). The concepts here help me feel more connected to others.”

“I like the environment. The facilitators raise our energy. I feel like this class can make me a better person.”

“I’ve smiled so much my face hurts.”

“It’s a place where I can be myself without feeling judged.”

“Thank you sooo much, this really helps me. I had fun and it was VERY informative. Actually I feel happier than I have been in a LONG time. Throughout the rest of the day I have been just so happy and in a good mood. I want to keep coming back. I just never felt this happy in a long time. Thanks!”

To enroll in our Teen Youth Program, please email info@intuitivedevelopment.org or call (602) 621-4027.

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