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Alignment Card Deck

About the Alignment Deck

Intuitive Development’s Alignment Deck was created by Lynn M. Bunch in 2011 specifically for clients in need of additional support while on their own journey of developing their intuitive abilities and movement into higher consciousness. Each card was intuitively guided through Lynn’s connection to her inner guidance and she has personally seen the magical results that come from using them.

You may or may not have a close connection to your inner guidance, or perhaps you don’t even know who you are guided by, it is not necessary to utilize these cards. These cards are to be used simply as an easily accessible “support system” when you’re not getting answers to the questions or outcomes you want to manifest in your life. The intention behind these cards is to honor our own instinctual ability to communicate with our inner guidance and experience the amazing effects from this sacred connection. Whenever you feel stuck or just need a helping hand with a situation or issue in your life, these cards are your answer to what action step is needed to get back into the alignment of your sacred connection and move forward with positive results! Enjoy your journey and get ready to PICK A CARD!

How to Use the Alignment Deck

The obvious answer is Intuitively! Here are some simple steps to follow for maximum results and amazing outcomes!

  • Decide if you want a single card pull (present time action step) or 3 card pull (3 card pull reflects the past, present and future actions steps) taken regarding the subject you are asking about).
  • Begin with quieting your mind chatter by taking a deep cleansing breath and If you know your inner guidance/spirit guide bring them present also.
  • Now concentrate on the subject/issue/situation in which you need assistance with and make a clear decision to remove all judgment(s) you may have about the end result.
  • Finally, ask a direct question that relates to that subject/issue/situation (if you’re pulling 3 cards then remember it will indicate the past, present and future of this subject) and write it in the dialogue box – or if you prefer you can keep it in your mind’s eye and forego the dialogue box.
  • If the card you pulled isn’t clear enough for you to take effective action then ask for more clarity and pull another card.
  • Now that you have the information needed to take the appropriate action, ask your internal guidance to help you in this situation or issue and wait to see the amazing results. It’s MAGICAL!

Intuitive Development Alignment Card Deck @ $15.00 ea. + Tax/Shipping

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