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10 Courses To Develop Your Intuition + Support With A Certified Consultant

$99/monthly recurring membership | 2 videos released per month | Support with a Certified Consultant after every course | Course description below


Understanding Emotional Patterns

Course 1: Learn how to manage conflict resolution by identifying your emotions in both your personal and professional environment, which allows you to live with Truth, instead of reacting to conflict while feeling Hurt, Angry or Numb


Defining Bottom Lines

Course 2: Communication is the cornerstone of all successful relationships. Learn how to successfully compromise without compromising yourself by identifying your bottom lines and knowing when you should negotiate.


7 Human Roles

Course 3: Become confident in all levels of work and life by learning and adapting to the characteristics of the 7 roles we interact with daily as Provider, Lover, Friend, Daughter/Son, Wife/Husband, Mother/Father, and Woman/Man.

Words can’t do justice to explain the blessing that Intuitive Development has been for my husband and I. First of all, we wouldn’t be married, in a beautiful home, building a business and life together if it wasn’t for their support and guidance. My husband and I were at a fork in the road and that is how our journey began. We worked through the guided curriculum, developed our personal Blueprint, and now we are officially a part of the amazing community.
— Kristin V. | Online Testimonial
Embracing Your Truth Course   Discover who you are and celebrate it. This course will help you separate the mind chatter and judgements that prevent you from feeling completely confident and secure in your decisions so that you can achieve everything you desire in your life, relationships and career.

Embracing Your Truth

Course 4: Learn how to distinguish between your mind chatter and judgments, removing pain, struggle and fear. Celebrate who you are by embracing a solid spiritual connection.


Discovering Your Life Purpose

Course 5: Conscious living is for the determined and takes courage. This course is a conceptual roadmap of the diverse paths and practices, which bring each of us to discover our own unique life purpose.


Releasing Old Beliefs

Course 6: Your Ego can be used positively or negatively. Learn how to use it effectively to overcome destructive, self-limiting old beliefs that have been handed down to you from generation to generation 

I have been a client of Intuitive Development for 15 years. The reason that I am such a long-term client is the holistic approach that Lynn M. Bunch, Lisa McGinley and their staff take in helping people work through challenges, whether the challenge is related to business, career, health, personal struggles or relationships.
— Andrea B. | Online Testimonial

Merging Lives

Course 7: This course is not about beliefs in reincarnation or past lives, nor proving whether they do or do not exist. It's about examining interests, eras, causes, attitudes and phobias that greatly impact our lives.


Manifesting Your Desires

Course 8: We have windows of opportunities to manifest our desires and set a new standard of living. Connect the internal /external aspects of spirituality and enjoy the human experience.


Spirit World

Course 9: Ever wonder why you keep thinking about grandma years after her death or why your new co-worker reminds you of someone who has passed? Get answers to these questions in Spirit World

For anyone that is going through counseling and it doesn’t seem to be giving you results you want, I would recommend Intuitive Development as another alternative. If you are unhappy and don’t know why, this is a great place to find your happiness.
— Cindy M. | Online Testimonial
Click Image to Zoom Example ID Blueprint

Click Image to Zoom Example ID Blueprint

Course 10: Blueprint Integration

Congratulations! Your Intuitive Consultant will schedule a Tool Chart Review to confirm and solidify everything you've learned.

The Blueprint Integration is the final component of our curriculum. Your Consultant will schedule two 1.5 hour sessions to complete your ID Blueprint, which is like a diploma for all the work you've completed. For more information about your ID Blueprint, click here.

* 3 month minimum commitment | $99/month recurring  | approximate 3-6 month curriculum depending on student's schedule   
* 10 course prerequisite for ID Blueprint |  curriculum includes one-on-one support with a Certified Consultant