Did you know we have a course to address literally any issue in your life?

Throughout her 25 year career, Lynn M. Bunch has been intuitively guiding individuals, couples and groups through private sessions, workshops, speaking engagements, and her 10 course curriculum, which covers every aspect of the human and soul experience.

No matter what you are going through, we have a course that addresses your issue. Be it in your career, relationships or struggling with negative patterns...these courses will help clear the issues that have held you back.

Lynn, through her intuitive guidance, shares these courses with a step-by-step process so that you can take charge of your life and no longer feel victim to circumstances.

Lynn’s vision as an Intuitive Educator is to help the world intuitively develop.  To fulfill on this vision Lynn has committed to doing whatever it takes to make this happen through her life-changing courses.  Previously $300 per course, Lynn is now offering them for only $99 each, or maximize your investment with the Blueprint Package and get all 9 eCourses plus the Blueprint Integration for $875 (total savings $216)!  These courses will make a profound difference in your consciousness and your ability to intuit your internal guidance for yourself.

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10 Courses To Develop Your Intuition + Support With A Certified Consultant

$99 eCourses | Curriculum includes one-on-one support with a Certified Consultant | Learn at your own pace
Course description and recommended order below | 9 Course pre-requisite for ID Blueprint Integration

Course 1: Understanding Emotional Patterns

Learn how to manage conflict resolution by identifying your emotions in both personal and professional settings. You will release the emotional patterns of hurt, anger, and numb that stifles interactions with others and keeps you from living in your Truth

Course 2: Defining Your Bottom Lines

Communication is the cornerstone of all successful relationships. Learn how to successfully compromise with a partner without compromising yourself by identifying your bottom lines and knowing when you should negotiate.

Course 3: 7 Human Roles

Become confident in all levels of work and life by learning and adapting to the characteristics of the 7 roles we interact with daily as Provider, Lover, Friend, Daughter/Son, Wife/Husband, Mother/Father, and Woman/Man.

Course 4: Embracing Your Truth

Learn how to discard mental chatter and discern, instead of judge, in order to remove pain, struggle and fear from your life. Celebrate who you are by embracing a solid spiritual connection.

Course 5: Discovering Your Life Purpose

Conscious living is for the determined and takes courage. This course is a conceptual roadmap of the diverse paths and practices, which bring each of us to discover our own unique life purpose.

Course 6: Releasing Old Beliefs

Your Ego can be used positively or negatively. Learn how to use it effectively to overcome destructive, self-limiting old beliefs that have been handed down to you from generation to generation 

Course 7: Merging Lives

This course is not about beliefs in reincarnation or past lives, nor proving whether they do or do not exist. It's about examining interests, eras, causes, attitudes and phobias that greatly impact our lives.

Course 8: Manifesting Your Desires

We all have windows of opportunities to manifest our desires and set a new standard of living. Connect the internal /external aspects of spirituality in order to merge them with the human experience.

Course 9: Spirit World

Ever wonder why you keep thinking about grandma years after her death or why your new co-worker reminds you of someone who has passed? Get answers to these questions in Spirit World

Intuitive Development Advanced Courses

Example ID Blueprint: Zoom Image

Example ID Blueprint: Zoom Image


Course 10: Blueprint Integration | $200 | * 9 pre-requisite courses

The Intuitive Development (ID) Blueprint is your gateway to living an authentic, aligned life with every possible answer to your questions. It's uniquely designed to your personal history with action steps to help you move forward in all areas of your life: career, health, finance, relationships, time and wisdom.

Your Blueprint is created after completing 9 pre-requisite courses. In each course you work with a consultant who helps you increase your self-awareness of behavioral patterns and mental blocks that are leading you astray from your intuitive guidance.

The Blueprint Integration is the final component of our curriculum:

  • 1 hour Tool Chart Review to confirm and solidify everything you've learned

  • 1 hour to learn about Negative Ancestral Patterns and how they impact your life

  • 1 hour session to complete your ID Blueprint material placement

  • A personalized roadmap to help you navigate life's challenges

Option 1: A la Carte $1091 | Option 2: Blueprint Package $875 (total savings $216)

Mastering Intuitive Living | $150/month

After completing the Intuitive Curriculum, you're eligible to join Lynn M. Bunch and Lisa McGinley in our bi-monthly Mastering Intuitive Living (MIL) classes. You'll sharpen your intuitive abilities, take the concepts and tools of your ID Blueprint to mastery level with like-minded people. Through group discussions, you'll garner a deeper understanding of yourself and others, bringing new possibilities into your life both personally and professionally.

  • Hosted by Founders, Lynn & Lisa

  • 1st and 3rd Thursdays 5:30pm-8:30pm (Arizona Time)

  • Participate in-person at The Center or via Live Stream

  • As an Elite Member, receive 1/2 hour support calls with a Certified Consultant