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Touch for Health Level 2


Touch for Health Level 2
(Prerequsite of Touch for Health Level 1 Required)
Facilitated by Rona Recker
Certified Touch for Health Instructor 

Level 2 of Touch for Health takes us deeper into the experience of balancing our energy through muscle balancing. The art of healing is for everyone and we all deserve to learn these techniques to improve our lives and our health.

You will learn the art of muscle testing and the basic procedure to balance the body’s muscles and acupuncture meridians as presented in renowned wellness practitioner,
Dr. John Thie’s book, Touch for Health.

In this 2 day Workshop you will learn:

  • How to test 14 more muscles and how those muscles affect your health

  • Ways to determine if a muscle is inhibited and how to fix/adjust the muscle

  • A 1-stop-shop for a quick fix!

  • Enhance your body's performance for future events

  • New food testing techniques

  • A Relief and Release technique to improve immunity and energy levels as you clear pain

This Workshop provides Continuing Education hours for Health Professionals

By signing up you will also receive a Complimentary 2 hour Saturday Balancing Protocol Refresher.
Come and practice balancing and get balanced utilizing Rona's expertise and recommendations on 
Friday, July 26th from 6 pm - 8 pm

When:  Saturday, July 27th / 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
         Sunday, July 28th / 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Where:  The Center for Intuitive Development
18434 N. 99th Ave., Ste #4, 85373

$399 (Includes All Materials)
Need more information? Contact us at 602-621-4027