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Am I an Empath?

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An EMPATH can sense a person's true feelings...deeper than those portrayed on the surface

A SENSITIVE can feel the collective feelings of the space...

the sum of ALL people in the room

Do you....

  • Feel tired or weary after spending time with others

  • Find yourself completely aware of the feelings of others and try to protect yourself from experiencing their energy

  • Have extreme emotions or physical sensations and can't place them

  • Feel like you don't belong here

  • Feel 'rocked' by other peoples' deep emotions (sadness, grief, anger, etc.)

  • Feel apprehensive going to events with large crowds

Key Insights:

  • What does it mean to be an Empath or Sensitive

  • The impacts of energy on an Empath or Sensitive

  • Best practices for managing and clearing energy

  • Establishing healthy boundaries

  • Connect with others who have similar experiences

  • Address issues with social anxiety or stress

  • Identify between your feelings and those of others

  • Set up best practices for your self-care

Whether you are an Empath, Sensitive, or living with one, this mini-workshop will give you clarity on what it means to have this gift and how important this ability is to help those around you work with and integrate the energy.

Rona Recker, Intuitive Development Wellness Practitioner and Empath, writes:

Your soul, for some reason, chose this way
So you have to give up or decide to play
You can finally learn how you can live
And then you learn how to properly give

How to connect and run it through
So that it doesn't damage you
Where your life can finally start
A life you can live when you're in your heart

When: Tuesday, April 9th 
 6 pm - 8 pm

Where:  The Center for Intuitive Development
      18434 N 99th Ave., Ste #4, 85373

Cost: $33  

Call for more information (602) 621-4027

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