What is the ID Curriculum?

It's an online educational program to develop your inner wisdom and intuition. Two courses are released every month for 6 months. Each course is a approximately two hours and can be watched on your phone, iPad, laptop or computer. After each course, you'll have an hour of live support with a Certified Intuitive Consultant who will confirm your tools and answer questions. Your Intuitive Consultant will contact you via email after you've signed up to schedule future phone conference sessions with you.

Who is the Instructor?

All courses are led by Lynn M. Bunch, Author, Speaker and Founder of The Center for Intuitive Development. Being an experiential teacher who shares her own personal journey, knowledge and expertise in a relatable way, you'll see Lynn interact heavily with her guests as they share their challenges. Though their circumstances and facts may differ from yours, we ask that you stay present and apply each scenario and lesson to YOUR life. 

What if I'm not getting it?

We know developing your intuition can feel foreign and in a world that caters to instant gratification, we help bridge the process and timeline with a Certified Intuitive Consultant who can work at your pace. Each Intuitive Consultant has completed a two-year certification process, including all 10 courses. They've been in your shoes and have the experience to help make this journey a rewarding one.

How long are the courses?

Online courses vary in length; most are approximately two hours. The majority of our clients take 3-6 months to complete the entire program, and others take less. The great thing about online capability is that you can watch them at your convenience. 

You can cancel anytime after your 3-month commitment, hassle free. For more details, click here.

What's your cancellation policy?

Why would I want to develop my intuition?

So you can guide yourself with clarity and confidence as you navigate your path in life. Intuition is not to be scared of, or seen as a gift that only few talented people posssess. Intuition is something we all have and can use. Here at ID, we're giving people teachings and tools to be self-sufficient and self-reliant upon their own instincts, instead of letting old patterns, beliefs and mind chatter get in the way of what they truly desire.