Living Life on Autopilot Without Intention by Roselle Weinberger


For months I have been going through my days on autopilot.  If I was completely honest, I’ve been doing that for years.  Each day just going through the motions . . . . getting dressed, brushing teeth, stretching, eating, etc.  All things were done without a second thought as to why or how any of it was really benefitting me.


Recently I was asked why I was doing certain things and it made me stop and think.  I was totally shocked that I didn’t have an answer other than it’s what I always do.  Rude awakening!  Life should have meaning and that can only be achieved by doing things with intention, with full awareness . . . . . being conscious.


From now on I will be mindful of my actions however small or insignificant they seem.  When I eat I will be aware of what I am putting in my mouth and how it will nourish my body.  When I soak in the tub or take a shower, I will do it with total realization that I am washing off all the energy from the day that isn’t benefitting me.  When I sit outside I will truly enjoy nature and let it boost my spirit.


Life is precious and should be lived to the fullest.  Each of us has a different interpretation of what that means.  To me it means being surrounded by people with similar beliefs that are looking to achieve a higher consciousness.  Continuing to grow, learn and expand myself in Spirit, Mind, and Body.


You’ve probably heard the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”   Well, I’d like to say, NOT TRUE!!!  Being past the age of seventy, I am learning that it isn’t too late to be taught a new way.  Attending classes and taking the e-Courses at Intuitive Development I have been shown a whole new way to lead a more fulfilled, enlightened life.  They are teaching me to speak my truth, live without being stuck in worry and awaken my long suppressed intuition.  For the first time in my life I have learned not to be afraid of it. 


With each class and each session with the ID Team, I learn something new about myself.  Granted, it’s not always sunshine and roses but a necessary awakening of my soul.  I have been given the tools to work through my dark times and get me back to a good place in true alignment.  It’s easy to become discouraged because there is so much to learn but the Team is always there to listen, encourage and help get to the source of the uncertainty – self-judgment.  I’m working on achieving the confidence in myself that they see in me. 

Conscious Conversations by Mike Oppenheim


My chief concern since childhood has been trying to understand why I feel lonely when I’m around other people. I could be alone in a cave under an avalanche (with oxygen), and I would feel less lonely than I feel at most parties.


I have matured. I’m 36, and despite my grey hairs, thankfully, aging has garnered me an awareness of what loneliness is, not what it’s supposed to be. Loneliness is a word we consider (mistakenly) as a binary feeling contingent on one variable: “Are other humans around?” How silly. If the cure for loneliness was: “being around people,” Starbucks would be so busy they would have to open a Starbucks inside each Starbucks to satiate the constant demand for the simple cure for loneliness.


I filed for and consummated my divorce in the first half of 2017. This occurred for many reasons, but one of the two main reasons was because I was tired of feeling lonely, despite living with my family. I was confounded and demoralized. I had met a nice woman, we had dated and traveled and fallen in love, we had been engaged, we had gotten married, and we had birthed a planned child; how could I feel lonely?


I was lonely because I had no connection at home to anyone spiritually conscious. My son, bless his heart, will get there, someday, but at that time, he wasn’t even two, so he didn’t need to converse about Spirit; he was living in Spirit, like most children, happily pooping his diaper all day long. It was my wife who wouldn’t meet me there.


Flash forward six months from my divorce. I sit, completely alone, in a new house, without my wife or my son, and yet I feel anything but lonely, despite being alone!


What changed? I met people who care about what I care about: consciousness, spirituality, and leading meaningful lives of purpose, despite life’s tomfoolery of tragedies (read: shit shows). My cure for loneliness is “conscious conversations.”


I’m Mike Oppenheim, and I’m a recovering alone-aholic. I used to seek the stagnant energy of being alone over the loneliness of partying with people with no interest in “partying consciously.” This doesn’t mean you can’t have wine, eat cake, or skinny dip; it means you do all three while caring about humanity and a spiritual connection with yourself and others.

Be YOUnited! by Annette Pingitore


Isn’t “YOUnited” a great play on words!? I took a break last month from writing a blog; I was in a place of feeling a little uninspired as far as writing was concerned. For most of us, December is an extremely busy time of year when holiday festivities combine with our regular responsibilities. 


Personally, I had so much going on that I couldn’t even imagine what I might write about.  However, amidst all of the fun and chaos of the holiday season, I received an intuitively guided message to title my next blog “YOUnited.”  This felt like an amazing way to kick off the New Year! I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t already seen these words blended together before!


YOUnited is what happens when the YOU (internally, your soul) unites with the YOU (externally, who you are in the world).  This is about YOU becoming whole and integrating who you are, inside and out.  YOUniting is what we are all here to do, and the courses at The Center of Intuitive Development are designed to help you do just that.

Many of us have lost sight of ourselves at one time or another.  We get so mired in our work, children, chores, etc. that we go unconscious and forget who we started out to be.  Our intentions are good as we strive for perfection, but we sometimes go into autopilot and forget to stop and check in: How am I feeling? What have I accomplished? What do I desire?  Most importantly: WHO AM I?

That exact question is what ultimately led me to find The Center for Intuitive Development. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted anymore, because I had fallen into co-dependent relationships and lost sight of my true identity. I also realized I had never really taken the time nor dug deep enough to discover whom I truly was in the first place, let alone what my life’s purpose was. 

With Intuitive Development, I quickly realized that I had landed in the perfect place to examine myself on every level: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The e-Courses had me closely examine the many different aspects of myself. 

“Embracing Your Truth” helped me understand who I am internally when I am connected spiritually.  To quote Lynn, “judgment is the killer of higher consciousness.” This course taught me how to notice when I’m judging either myself or someone else so that I can quickly shift back into a conscious and aligned state.  I now have the necessary confidence to dedicate my life to helping myself and others to find joy in life.

“Seven Human Roles” helped me solidify who I am in the roles I play as a human being. I now own who I am as a provider, lover, friend, daughter, mother, wife, and woman. This course enabled me to look into my childhood to see where I was wounded in each of these roles, due to feelings of jealousy and rejection. I discovered that if I had generated strength within myself, I would not have taken things personally.

“Understanding Emotional Patterns” taught me to identify how I express my feelings when I’m in my truth, hurt, anger and numb emotional states. I’m now more aware of what’s going on for me when I get emotionally triggered so I can quickly confront a person or situation from my heart, rather than from a reactive place of judgment. I used these tools to let go of my past and to become genuinely aware of my emotions.

“Defining Bottom Lines” had me examine the qualities I’m looking for in the people I choose to be in relationships with. Before this class, I didn’t realize how important it is to define these traits before establishing a relationship, of any kind, with another person. I was haphazardly allowing anyone into my life without examining whether or not they would add value to my life. I was behaving this way out of guilt over trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings. I would therefore learn “the hard way” how self-sacrificing it is to have relationships without healthy, pre-established boundaries. This class helped me focus on what I truly desire in my relationships.

These are just 4 examples of how the courses at Intuitive Development helped me find myself and feel “whole.”  Best of all, the courses aren’t disconnected: After completing the first nine courses, you create a Blueprint for your life! It’s a thorough map that reminds you of WHO YOU ARE along with your intuitively, self-established action steps and tools for assisting you in healing and growing to fulfill your life purpose. There is no better time than now to “Be YOUnited!”


Black and Bling Society 5th Birthday Celebration


Lynn M. Bunch spoke to an amazing group of women at the BABS (Black and Bling Society) 5th birthday celebration. All the ladies were decked out in their roaring 20’s attire in all black and blinged up!



Lynn interacted with the crowd as they discussed their thoughts on what they contribute to their life and where they may have lost their way or gotten off track.

She used the Intuitive Development Alignment Deck to demonstrate how a card’s message can show someone how to get back on track.


There were lots of giveaways and laughs! The ID Team cleaned house with prizes.

The event was spectacular; the crowd was energized and left the day roaring into the future with a personal, guided message to get back on track with contributing to their own life and the lives of those around them.

Happy 5th Birthday BABS!


Overcoming a Fear by Roselle Weinberger


Recently, I did something that I never thought I would ever do.  I rode in a helicopter, not once, but twice! This may not seem like a big deal to you, but for me, it was huge because I have had a life long fear of heights.  Just the thought of being anywhere near a helicopter has always made me cringe and head in the opposite direction. You’re probably wondering what brought about the change, right? You may not believe me, but it was due to a class I took at Intuitive Development called Merging Lives.


Throughout my life, I have heard people refer to people who have an “old soul.” I had never put much stock into that idea until I started learning about Spirit, Mind, Body.  I discovered that my soul had indeed experienced many wounds that had never been healed, so they kept repeating over and over again. I have no explanation for why I was afraid of heights, but my soul held the memory. I still don’t know how or why the fear started, but I do know that it is now gone.


Through the Merging Lives class, I was given an exercise to clear my phobia. Call it a rebirth of sorts. It was a simple thing that had an amazing outcome. Was I skeptical?  Yes, I definitely was. I remember thinking, how is this going to help? But, having complete trust in the Intuitive Development team, I did what was asked of me. Boy, am I glad I did!


I completed my ‘rebirth,’ and soon after my granddaughter suggested a helicopter ride. I was expecting the nervousness and tightness in my body that I typically experience in any situation involving heights. Much to my surprise, nothing happened! I actually found myself looking forward to the new adventure. Following through on this ‘simple thing’ has opened up a whole to new world to me. Who knows what daring thing I will do next? The possibilities are endless.

Hawaii Helicopter.jpeg

Manifesting Your Destined Life Purpose by Mike Oppenheim


On Tuesday, January 9th I had the opportunity to attend Intuitive Development’s latest workshop in their Uniting Through Intuition Series: “Manifesting Your Destined Life Blueprint.”


I knew going in that regardless of content, I’d have a rare opportunity to see Lynn M. Bunch “do her thing.” I normally only get to see this in my private sessions, which are sparingly doled out to me months in advance, thanks to her refusal to work 24/7, and sleep and eat in the office, when we let her, to meet client demands.


Suffice it to say that Lynn, the guru of gut-checks, did not disappoint, and the 50+ attendees agreed (I base this on their voluntary ovation at the end of the event). The evening flew by, as Lynn introduced, taught, and reinforced graspable concepts that help anyone of any age and inclination to process emotional difficulties like a pro.


Lynn opened things up by explaining to her audience, a mix of fresh faces and familiar ones, that she “sometimes fucking swears” but knows how to “not fucking swear” when it’s appropriate. This wasn’t some planned or canned opener, it was just Lynn doing what we all should do: following her messages, often hilariously.


The reason I like Lynn, is because she’s caring and funny, but the reason I listen to and respect her, is because she fearlessly honors and practices her lessons: living in alignment with the intuitive messages we are innately wired to receive and follow.


Back to Tuesday: After her opening, I guess Lynn’s next message told her something along the lines of, “help strangers confront judgment issues to resolve their non-issues, which they mistakenly think are the issues, duh!”


Wait. What? Can you explain that? I could, but sadly, that’s precisely why I attended Lynn’s event: because while her teachings are easy to memorize, studies repeatedly reveal to us that learning isn’t memorization-based, it’s conceptual and experiential based, hence the need for courses, discipline, and practice. If you want to master a concept, you have to…wait for it…master the concept—and mastery requires master effort.


However, I will say the following: Lynn made me feel comfortable with admitting the uncomfortable truth of myself, to myself:  the only way to fall asleep and wake up each day with a vitality and energy for life is to listen to, accept, and then embrace the messages that lie within my own intuition and consciousness.


No matter how much I want to blame others and myself, see myself or others as victims, or throw pity parties and slip into “I’m-a-zombie-and-life-sucks” mode, I can and should try harder to do what all children do, before society and culture teaches it out of them: trust my gut, and proceed with confidence and non-attachment.


The event was fun, funny, and educational, in equal parts. After Lynn helped one attendee break through with a major struggle in their life, she would swivel to another person, and cautiously but courageously carve into their conundrum.


I was shocked and awed, but also entirely unsurprised, since I knew going in that Lynn has the same skill that all humans possess, she’s “just” confident, well-practiced, and never wavering in her adherence to uniting with her intuition. Lynn understands that life’s biggest obstacles are precisely why we intuit; we are children of life, desperate for new lessons, yet hysterically upset when the very lessons we crave give us the requirements for learning: “homework,” “learning,” and “tests.”

Finding a Happy Place by Roselle Weinberger


What do I do when sadness starts to overwhelm me?  Do I sit and cry?  Retreat to my bed?  Throw or break things?  Although these options sound appealing, they are a band aid and provide only temporary relief.  Granted, in the moment all seems well, but the sadness starts creeping back.


In my darkest moments, I go to my happy place.  What is a happy place?  It’s a place you can relax, reflect, and rejuvenate.  It can be a physical place or a place you can envision in your mind.  Life can be stressful and sometimes overwhelming.  If we take a few minutes each day to go to our happy place, we will be able to handle the chaos better.  Take a few minutes and breathe.  Calm the chatter and refocus.  


If I’m at home, I go outside and sit on my porch swing, close my eyes and listen to nature.  When away, I close my eyes and envision something that brings me happiness like the ocean or grandchildren.  Envisioning these things helps calm me and stop the negative mental spin.

It’s NOT a selfish thing.  It’s just a way of being kind to yourself.  Yes, that’s OK.  I know this isn’t what you are used to doing.  We, by nature, usually put ourselves at the bottom of the list.  We nurture others while ignoring ourselves.  If you remember to treat yourselves in the same loving manner you treat your family and friends, you’ll be surprised the difference it will make in your life. Seriously, give it a try.  There’s nothing to lose but lots to gain.  This is something ID has taught me that I must take care of myself before I can effectively help others.


So do something each day that brings you happiness.  It may be as simple as sitting quietly enjoying a chocolate chip cookie or watching the clouds drift by.  The ideas are limitless!

We all have a choice in the way we get through the day.  We can choose to make a conscious effort to be aware of what is triggering our thoughts/feelings or to be unconscious and ignore what is going on around us.  I’ve found that being conscious is the way to go in order to keep moving forward in a positive manner. 


Happiness is contagious.  Let’s pass it on beginning with ourselves.


Knock Knock.... by Rona Recker

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Y.M.I. who?

Y.M.I. sick????!!!

I have noticed a LOT of people are experiencing colds, the flu, sinus infections, etc. And the word that popped is that it is because of GUILT. When we feel Guilt, our immunity lowers and sickness can get in. 

What is Guilt? It is all about judging yourself. Guilt is ‘supposed’ to be a momentary reaction to help us get back in balance because we either didn’t hold a decision we made (for example, you made the decision to have a small event with just your family and other family members feel slighted... but they don’t realize you needed some intimate time to bond again) or we did not make the right decision in the first place (you knew not to overextend yourself and you did it anyway). (Manifesting Your Desires Course). Guilt stops us from being able to manifest things in our lives.

So, how do you clear being sick? Well, clear your Guilt! (Stop beating yourself up!)

First, write everything down that is bothering you and determine what you could have done differently to prevent it. (Like, holding to your decision of having the intimate family time, or speaking up saying you weren’t going to be able to overextend yourself). 

We make a lot of decisions because we don’t want to reject people and don’t want them to reject us. And every time we do this, we fall into a Dependent Pattern (from 7 Human Roles. How do you feel when you get rejected...? That’s your Dependent Pattern). We don’t make appropriate decisions for ourselves every time we do this and we just accumulate more Guilt.

Second, if you know you made the right decision... Stand firm in it. Hold that decision and honor it. If you did NOT make the right decision, you need to have a clearing conversation either with the person or within yourself. It could look like an apology, clarification, or just knowing you are going to work on not doing that again.

Think of all the conversations going on in your mind right now... clear them with real heartfelt conversations. Then...

Knock knock...

Who’s there?


Guilt, eh?