Navigating the First Year by Roselle Weinberger


It’s been nine months since my husband passed.  I’ve experienced his birthday, my birthday, Thanksgiving, our anniversary, and Christmas is almost here.  Each event has brought on different emotions.  How I dealt with each event was different.  Everything in my life is different but in some ways the same.  I have the same love for him and I still feel my connection to him.


The challenge came in when well meaning family and friends interjected their thoughts on how they think I am doing.  I suppose it’s because they don’t know what to say or think they know what I want to hear. Regardless I can’t judge them for not knowing how to reach out in a manner not to cause me hurt. On our recent anniversary I received several messages regarding the day.  They were all issued hopefully out of love and concern but mostly because they felt sorry for me.  I don’t want or need pity.  What I would have rather received perhaps just a thinking of you, is there anything I can do for you today or do you need to talk?  These options would be much better than “I know this day must be tough for you” or “you don’t have him but have so many good memories.”  Even a shared happy memory would have been better choice/message. 


The team at ID has been working diligently to prepare me for all the firsts.  I was actually having a good day, having good thoughts until I was hit with the pity comments.  My mistake was in not responding truthfully letting then know how the comments made me feel and given them a better option so in the future they could avoid making them same comments to someone else.  This was a learning experience for me as well.  Reminding myself to be honest and speak the truth.  


Thank goodness for my caring adult children!  No pep talks, pity or unwanted comments, just a simple text asking how I was doing.  Brought the light back into my day.  I was able to let them know I was having a good day and what my plans were.  I was also able to share a sweet anniversary story which brought a smile to my face.  In sharing the memory with them, they were able to learn another special quality their dad had.  They weren’t aware of the romantic side of him.


Doing nothing to change my outlook, my way of dealing with the obstacles in my life would have been so easy.  Change for me before ID was never easy.  I was great at avoiding difficult situations and confrontations.  I’ve learned that you can only avoid so long before whatever you didn’t want to deal with comes back around again. During that time of avoidance I would experience at times physical pain, worry, raw emotion, all of which wouldn’t have occurred if I had dealt with the situation in the first place.  ID has given me tools to work through the difficult times.  It’s amazing how changing the way I process emotions, reactions to situations has made such a difference in my life.  I am a totally different person than I was five months ago.  I am no longer an emotional wreck.  Do I still grieve?  Yes, of course, but I don’t let it overwhelm me.  When I feel sad I think of a happy time and that makes me smile. I focus on the many wonderful years I had my loving husband instead of the few short months we dealt with his illness.  I was allowing the way his life ended to be front and center blocking all the fun loving times.  No more!


Taking the classes, using the tools, and then following through has been life changing.  Even though I have completed the classes, I continue to learn, evolve by surrounding myself with like minded people. Holding my truth and not allowing others to bring me down.    My hope is to enlighten others and make their lives better in the process.  Teaching by example and not preaching.

Underlying Pattern Rescue by Rona Recker


Hello Rona,

Me, my mother and my grandmother all have similar physical symptoms - shaking and ringing ears. We've grown accustomed to it and don't always notice it. It's only become more obvious lately. Is there something that has been passed down that we are all showing symptoms of? Or is this representing something unique in all of us, just presenting similarly?


Thank you,



Hello A,

There are definite health patterns that pass down through the generations. You will notice not everyone down the biological line has the same issues, even with similar gene patterns.


If we look at this metaphorically for the underlying patterns, you have 2 different patterns occurring. If you look at how you handle stress and the fears that come up for you, do you notice that you your immediate reaction is that you don’t reach up to your spiritual connection? Do you notice you stay longer in the stress than necessary?


When we don’t want to hear or follow through with our spiritual intuition, it will affect our ears (thus, the ringing in your ears). And the shaking is that you aren’t grounded (if you utilize the Spirit – Mind – Body concept…you receive an intuitive spiritual message that comes through your mind and you follow it through with your body. If these aren’t in concert, your body will literally react by shaking).


Can you see these characteristics in yourself, your mom and grandmother?


If you look at the course Releasing Old Beliefs, you can see patterns, beliefs and wounds that get passed down through generations. Taking this course gives you the answers of how to ground and feel connected to your spiritual connection again.


So, Ground, Ground, Ground and connect back to your intuitive self so you can follow through consistently until you see the results you are looking for. Don’t give up! And remember the times you have felt connected…it can seem impossible, but it only takes a moment to feel the peace of your spiritual connection once again. 

Rona Recker

Learning to Live Again by Roselle Weinberger


Learning to live again…


One year ago this month, my husband of over 53 years was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.  In just a little over three months, he was gone.  Needless to say, those months were a dark time in my life, but that was only the beginning.  I wasn’t prepared to be alone.  I wasn’t aware how co-dependent our relationship was. Looking back, I can see how I lost myself in our relationship, how I depended on him and looked to him for almost everything.  We were totally connected, not requiring anyone else… happy, content, settled.  What was idyllic turned out to be my downfall.  I was so absorbed in our relationship that I totally forgot about me as an individual.  After his passing, I was suddenly lost not knowing what would become of me.  What was I going to do with my life?  What is my life purpose?


A friend of mine gave me Lynn’s name and number and said she thought Lynn could help me.  Boy! Was that ever an understatement!  Lynn and her team have brought me out of the darkness and into the light.  Granted, I haven’t always been willing…but through their compassion, understanding and most importantly NO judgment, I have begun to live again.  They have helped to heal my body and soul, teaching me skills to get through the darkness and find myself again.  Memories that used to bring tears now bring smiles.


I look forward to my sessions at ID, even though they aren’t always comfortable.  Looking deeply into one’s self is sometimes painful but necessary in order to discover where the problem lies, where the hurt is coming from and how to heal.  Their approach is always honest, caring and direct, which is greatly appreciated.  When I was struggling with whether I wanted to even go on, they were there encouraging but never pushing me to make a decision.  They respected my free will while teaching me to find my way.


I will forever be grateful to my friend, Sheron, for telling me about Lynn and ID and thankful to the entire ID team for their guidance and acceptance.  I’m happy to be in such a loving group of people where you can be yourself and help each other be an inspiration to others.


Heartbreak Rescue by Rona Recker


“I’m not feeling well and my emotions are all over the place…how do I recover from heartbreak?”



Hello A,

It is challenging healing through heartbreak. There are a host of emotions you experience and they will come on randomly, taking you by surprise. You will also have physical symptoms occurring as well.


To help you get through this process, you definitely want to make sure you have your authentic emotions. Dropping too far and too long into them will not be helpful for you, though. So, do what you can not to drop too far into your sadness.


The only way to truly heal through this is to grab hold of your Spiritual Connection.  

You can utilize this process to assist you:

1.       Connect spiritually (meditate, picture a light coming through to you, concentrate on your inner belief, etc. (or utilize your Grounding Words from Releasing Old Beliefs). And ask, “Is the time up on this?” If ‘yes’ pops in, you will go through the heartbreak process.

2.       Picture an energy line between you and this person/situation and imagine yourself pulling the line away from your body and replacing it with a line to your spiritual connection. If you envision more than one line, do this to each one.

3.       Then, write down multiple traits about yourself that are positive (or use your 7 Human Roles formula). This is who you truly are. You are going to put your effort here each time you drop, so when this happens, use your energy to grab hold of those traits - who you truly are. Take care of yourself through this process.

4.       When you don’t like the things happening in your humanity, finding the deeper meaning spiritually is the only stronghold you can embrace that will help you come through on the other side. So, spend time journaling or pondering what good things are to come your way next in your life. And plan and move forward on those things. (you can utilize Manifesting your Desires here as well).

5.       You are going to have to train your mind not to linger on the negative. When it comes in, feel it and then do something to move you forward on the good things in your life.


I send you my best!



If you have never taken the courses at Intuitive Development, they are very useful tools that can help you successfully get through anything that comes your way in life. They not only help you internally find peace, but you will find working these tools helps your physical health as well.

Uniting thru Intuition


Uniting thru Intuition is an educational series designed to bring us together through our intuition. The focus of this discussion was Judgment.

Participants were asked to think of something challenging them right now – a person or situation. Then each participant intuited for themselves which of 2 scenarios applied to them – guilt or projected guilt.

From this vantage point, all those in attendance had the ability to see their situation through the lens of discernment and make a decision about what to do next.

Lynn took questions directly related to individual challenges and worked with participants to find the next step towards resolution.

What situation would you choose?


What You Can Expect Along The Way


What can you expect along the way?

Starting a new curriculum is exciting and challenging. With that understanding, we have created and organized our courses in such a way to increase the potential results for every client.

With each course you can expect to further yourself by:

1.       Developing your intuition personally & professionally

2.       Having a grounded understanding of self & connection to others

3.       Integrating the practical, physical & spiritual in all you do

4.       Creating results & navigating an authentic path to the life you desire

What do you desire? 


The Internal Compass - Using Intuition for Work, Life & Love

Lynn Event.png

Lynn M. Bunch engaged with a group of amazing women at a multi-company networking event on Thursday, October 26th. The turnout was tremendous and the participants were engaged and empowered!

Intuition is a natural, instinctual gift. It's like an internal GPS, an ability that we've forgotten how to use to help us respond well, make decisions and deal with real problems in the world.

Multi-Women Pic - Room Back.jpg

We are taught at an early age to ignore our intuition,and trust in the wisdom of others. We're also likely to be criticized for being too sensitive, too emotional or even illogical. Constant criticism can cloud our judgment and make us doubt ourselves and our instincts, but if we can remember how to use and follow our intuition, we can guide ourselves with more clarity and confidence as we navigate our path in work, life and love.

Multi-Women Pic - Room Front.jpg

Developing your intuition is knowing yourself, trusting yourself and following your inner wisdom to:

Empower and lead yourself

Guide choices & decisions

Break through old patterns & obstacles

Gain practical, grounded, lifelong skills for human connection

When you move forward with soul, purpose and passion leading the way, you create the results and life you desire.

That's why we educate people to use the most valuable resource they already have - their intuition.

“Everyone loved the event and especially loved Lynn!” - Tammie Langdon, CPM │Sr. Manager, Customer Reporting Tools - Sales & Marketing Operations - CVS Health

Insomnia Rescue by Rona Recker


“Sleep…why can’t I get any? I either have difficulty going to sleep, or I wake up in the night and I don’t feel rested when I get up in the morning.”



Hello L,

Insomnia plagues many people and is frustrating, exhausting and it wears us down if it goes on long enough. Do you notice that you carry more than your fair share of responsibilities? You take on too much?


Learning to hand things off, whether physically or emotionally, is your challenge.


In general, below are some routines that can help.


Here are 2 factors to consider before we go to bed each night.

1.       What issues have I not dealt with in my life?

2.       What have I picked up and am carrying?



Factor 1: What issues have I not dealt with in my life?

When we feel resolved and we are taking care of our lives in a way that makes us feel complete…we don’t have thoughts flurrying around in our minds at night and we can rest. In our busy lives, we have to prioritize constantly and this leaves many things left untouched at the end of the day. These are the thoughts that wake our minds up at night. We experience that feeling of not feeling on top of things and it causes a lot of stress.


If we have emotions that we don’t deal with, those will rise up at the inopportune time of 4am. We are not having the clearing conversations that we need to feel satisfied about our relationships. (If you need assistance with how to do that, Understanding Emotional Patterns and Defining your Bottom Lines are great courses to help you.)



We need to prioritize intuitively rather than by the needs of others. We never take the time that is truly for ourselves to feel grounded and in a good space to sit and take in the wisdom within us to prioritize appropriately.


◦ Sit down and list the items that are pulling on you or causing you stress. Take a moment to hold the thought that 'things can actually work out'…do what you can to calm your body and mind…and allow the thought to pop in on where this task is on your priority list and put your tasks in order.

◦ Then, take another moment to determine how best to handle the task…do you delegate it…what is yours to do?

◦ List the emotions/relationships that feel in turmoil for you. Remove any expectation of the outcome (this is very challenging)…and let yourself sink into what the best course of action is in which to deal with this person, if anything.


Factor 2: What have I picked up and am carrying?

Imagine going through a dust storm or walking on a street where there is a lot of pollution…you can feel it on your body and you would want to shower to feel the relief of being clean again.


We cannot see electromagnetic energy such as radio waves from cell phones, peoples’ energies of their emotional disturbance, but your body does feel them on a level, even if you aren’t aware of it. It is why so many people need to go home and crack a beer, or relax, or need some time on their own – to feel relief.



◦ Showers/baths, exercise and reflection time can help you feel lighter and refreshed when you notice you feel a little ‘off’.

◦ Also, tuning in to what you actually picked up would be even better…did you interact with an angry person, or walk into a place where the workers are overworked? Are you worried about someone and unconsciously carrying their turmoil? Identifying these things helps you alleviate feeling heavy/dark when that happens.

◦ Make sure you set up a system of friends/collaborators who will be there for you as well.


Good luck to releasing what is NOT yours to carry – you can do it!