ID Goes International by Lee Staley


It’s true, I crossed the border!  Just barely, but an adventure non-the-less!  And a great new appreciation for our beautiful neighbors to the north. 

I attended a conference on Vancouver Island and took a little expedition to Butchart Gardens while there too.  Both days were an incredible experience, full of adventures both inside and out.  I’ll tell you a little more in a moment because the truth is the adventure started way before I booked the actual trip!

It seemed like a simple trip on the surface but wow what comes up when you commit to new things.  I’ve travelled before – been to Canada in my youth, typical Mexico trips, multiple islands in the Caribbean and over half the states in our beautiful home here in the USA.  A short trip like this should not be a problem. Except……. Well you’re about to get a glimpse into my mental spin as every Negative Ancestral Pattern I have reared their ugly heads.   

For those of you who do not know what Negative Ancestral Patterns are, just know everyone has them, they run in our families and there are a multitude of them.  Each person has 6 to focus on this life and here are mine to help you get an idea – Anxiety, Scarcity, Apathy, Superiority, Addiction and Dependency.

So back to my trip - that immediately almost didn’t happen - because…We are building a house, we don’t have money for that… I shouldn’t take time off in the middle of the work week, there is too much to do… I’ve certainly travelled before but wait, always WITH someone, never alone… I need a passport, wait I have a passport, oh wait it expires in April and my trip is in June… oh my God, my trip is during my husband’s birthday… and I could go on and on.

I’m a grown adult, approaching 50 (48 to be exact 😊) this shouldn’t be a big deal and yet. There were clearly some things to push thru so I looked a little deeper.  I could go back 30 years but that’s a story for another time.  Truth be told, my youngest just crossed into adulthood and I’ve watched both my kids having to tackle their “big” trips – Kaitlyn off to college and Ryan recently spent a month traveling through England, Scotland and Ireland.  Both had huge fears and both – with the support of their wonderful parents, family, and neighbors (did I mention Lynn and Lisa both live right down the street 😊) they managed to push through, conquer their fears and have an incredible experience. 

Now it was my turn.  When I went to book my conference, I hesitated, for a brief moment.  My son just happened to be sitting next to me, so I asked him if I should really do this and, well, I got the “look”.  You know the one that so lovingly says ‘you’re an idiot and just push the button, but I totally feel for you as I was just going through it myself and your support was invaluable’.  Well, that was my interpretation of his look anyhow. 

So, trip on!!  Passport, Packing and Panic – check!!  And then the moment of departure.  I kiss my husband goodbye and I’m off.  (Side note for those of you who were wondering, he gave me the same look as my son when I worried about missing his birthday.  He was good.)

As I make my way thru the airport the overwhelm of all the people hits me.  And then, oh dear God, I’m going to be trapped on airplanes for over 4 hours right next to people.  Did I mention I’m an empath, and ummmmm, I hate crowds… and people… and well talking in general?  Ok, I might be out of alignment. 

The flights were actually great.  There was that one moment when I looked out the window of our prop plane, while waiting for take off, and see a guy on a ladder with a big screwdriver screwing something onto the wing and thought, hmmmmm.  But you know, I had worked my tools and was back in alignment.  We’d be good.

Great conversation with the guy next to me.  He even came back at baggage claim and said thanks again he enjoyed talking.  Yeah, it wasn’t that bad LOL. 

I arrived in Canada, happy, aligned and ready for the next piece of my adventure.  Which happened to be to not think to pre-book a car, but not to worry.  I walked right out, saw 2 shuttles and immediately knew to choose the one on the right.  Gotta love intuition!  The driver was wonderful. My car mate on this shuttle ride was from London, who was also going to the conference. She was a joy as well!

And so, continued my journey.

The next day was the Butchart Gardens.  Beautiful backstory of it being a limestone quarry that was starting to run out.  When the husband had decided they were going to shut it down and move on, his wife basically said they should leave the land more beautiful than they found it.  She wanted to plant a garden - and they did.  It is still in the family today and receives over a million visitors per year.  It is truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever experienced. 

The plants and trees themselves are incredible but the master planning behind it all, amazing!  Even in a crowd you can find a path or a niche to disappear into the quiet beauty around you.  Everything blends in a flurry of color and wonder, and you find yourself excited to see what’s around the next turn.   And the sunken garden (aka old rock quarry) didn’t disappoint.  As you curve out from the shadows of the giant redwoods, you turn around the bend and a natural window opens to the garden below and for just a moment you feel like you’ve discovered some lost paradise.

Beautiful yes, but another place I had to work my stuff?  You bet!  Again, a 2-hour bus drive just to get to the gardens and momentary overwhelm of having to sit and talk with someone again, but the lady next to me was just a wonderful soul.  We talked a lot, shared life stories, even had some tears and she invited me to stay with her if I was ever in her part of the world.  Maybe I’m not so horrible at this people thing after all!

We stopped to hear one of the speakers give a short presentation then swapped busses only to find a new woman who loved to talk.  This was perfect.  She knew the speaker back when he taught out of people’s homes and I didn’t have to say much, just ask prompting questions and I got more information than if I would have read his biography!!

Then the arrival at the gardens themselves.  Brief excitement met with complete overwhelm of 5 buses of people unloading all at the same time.  And that was just our conference people!  As we unloaded, there were rows of other buses and vans as we walked toward the entrance.  Flashbacks of fieldtrips with the kids - except I am not responsible for seven, ten-year-old boys this time.  Just me……relax……except all these people…….ughhhhh.  I remembered again I have tools to deal with this.  (I had a moment of wishing they were the kind you could throw at people.) 

Ok, out of alignment, let’s start with grounding – Organize.  Yep, my grounding word to bring me back in alignment starts with organizing.  I organize my thoughts and the path on the map I’m going to start on.  And from there I wound my way thru that paradise.  Encountering people and places that were as unique as my experience.  I tackled stairs, bees and humidity that made my hair increase to 3 times its normal size.  And I also discovered something else very important – I cannot take a selfie and smile at the same time.  So as any good friend would do I sent pictures of my hair and the not so smiling smiles back to my friends, so they could laugh…… with me no doubt, not at me, right?!

Me - Conference Selfie.jpg

I was exhausted as I returned to my wonderful little room that overlooked both the ocean and the street below.  I ordered dinner in and people-watched as the sun went down.  It was the perfect close to the day.

The next day was the actual conference day itself.  It was a conference on Science and Spirituality with over 1500 people and 50 different countries represented.  I loved the impact of what that could mean for our world. And realized, once again, I really didn’t like being around that many people.  Again, open heart.  I realized today was different, I was here for me and my passion for learning and that was ok too.  Did I talk to people, of course, but a completely different way today and I quickly settled in. 

They were us up there on stage.  Intuitive Development amplified to the next level.  I watched with a passion for the topic and for what our next steps will be.  They had glitches in the power points, they personally joked with each other, they exposed their weaknesses in addition to their strengths.  They didn’t hide themselves in perfection. It was just the simple truth of who they were and what they wanted to gift to the world.

I closed my eyes for a brief moment - Lynn on stage, Lisa by the side of the stage, feeling the rest of the team around in our various places.  1500 people, 50 different countries.  The world craves change.  They crave consciousness.  We are a part of that.  You are too.

I’m excited to see where my next adventure leads!  Maybe with smoother hair.


ATT00002 (1).jpg

The Power of Patience by Annette Pingitore


Patience for me is the ability to deal with challenges and handle setbacks while staying calm, cool and collected.  Ahhhh, just think about the inner strength this requires to keep yourself from being reactive as opposed to being patient in order to respond from your heart.  This takes practice, discipline and a willingness to choose consciously how you are going to deal with the challenges you face in life. 


Do you find yourself flying off the handle when things don’t go the way you’ve planned?  Are you critical of others when they don’t act or behave the way you’d like them to?  Do you suffer from road rage and take your anger out on unsuspecting passersby?  There are many things that can trigger your impatience, but if you don’t learn to take control of your emotions, they can wreak havoc on your relationships, health and every area of your life.  Impatience creates tension in your body which in turn leaves you susceptible to illness or injury.  Learning to exercise control of yourself will not only benefit you but everyone around you.  Impatience is toxic to all who are exposed and must be dealt with if you are to find the peace and harmony that you truly long for and deserve.


Patience is one of the seven Christian virtues that is said to oppose wrath (extreme anger) which is one of the seven deadly sins.  Think about that for a moment… no matter what your belief system is, certainly you can see the benefit of practicing patience is your life.  Just imagine all of the misery that could be avoided if you were willing to try a softer and more thoughtful approach to your issues rather than mindlessly reacting to everything and everybody.  Think about how you could gain the respect of others and how they might be willing to hear you and take in what you are saying if you aren’t trying to righteously control them with your opinions and judgments.


I’d like to share a quick example of how exercising patience in my relationship with my husband recently brought me great joy.  First of all, I’ve been misunderstanding what patience looks like with him.  I thought to be patient was to quickly let things roll off me, and I was willing to have peace at all costs.  I was sweeping issues under the rug rather than dealing with them which was leaving me feeling unfulfilled.  Then I finally woke up and realized that I was misusing patience and was allowing myself to be a doormat, just going along with everything and staying cool, calm and collected even though I was really feeling hurt and angry.  I finally realized that in order to have a healthy relationship, I needed to set boundaries.  Setting boundaries takes standing firm, speaking your truth and then detaching until the other person becomes accountable for their actions.  What is actually required is to have patience with myself and the situation not the inappropriate behaviors of others.  So, I tried a new approach.  Instead of trying to hurry up and make things better after an argument, I decided to be patient and wait for him to approach me with an apology and an acknowledgment of how hurtful his words and actions were.  By waiting patiently and giving him the time and space needed to reflect on himself, he ultimately realized the error in his ways.  Exercising patience in this way required him to step up and take ownership in his part of our discord, and I was willing to do the same.  This in turn inspired him to line up a babysitter for our children so we could have a romantic dinner and fun night for us to reconnect.   All felt right in the world, and I truly got to experience what it looks like to be patient and honest with my feelings, set boundaries and uphold a higher standard for myself.  I’ve learned these strategies from the courses I’ve taken at Intuitive Development.  The particular courses that came in handy in this situation were Understanding Emotional Patters and Defining Bottom Lines.  These classes help you to recognize your feelings, express them appropriately, set standards within your relationships and create heartfelt connections.

The next time you find yourself feeling impatient, stop for a moment and ask yourself what is really going on for you?  What’s the true underlying reason for this feeling?  Once you find the actual source at the bottom of it all, confront the person and/or situation head on, firmly and patiently speaking your truth rather than being confrontational.  This is how you can enact change in the world you are creating for yourself.  Once we stop trying to control others and instead take control of ourselves, we then have the power necessary to experience genuine peace and joy in our lives.  We need to balance our passions by allowing life to flow and naturally unfold.  When we push too hard or too fast for what we want, we actually create a resistance to it.


Stop, breathe, find the truth, confront, clear, change and be PATIENT!  

Get going on your own success story.

Intuitive Tuesdays are Back!

Intuitive Tuesday Image Long.jpg

Newly formatted to better serve you and your most pressing questions. Gain clarity and quick support with Intuitive Educator, Lynn M. Bunch's support and precise wisdom.

  • Exclusive! Limited to 10 Guests 
  • Intimate group call with Lynn
  • Submit your question ahead of time at
  • Concise one-on-one interaction w/Lynn for question resolution
  • Plus, receive an audio recording of your call
  • $20 investment
  • Tuesdays, 12 - 1pm

Reserve your spot here or call (602) 621-4027

"Thank you Lynn and the ID team for the reformation of Intuitive Tuesday!  The new format allows each participant to have an opportunity to receive personalized guidance from Lynn on a topic that is thought through and communicated to Lynn in advance.  Every participant gets the benefit of learning from each other and the best part is you can join in from anywhere – your home, office or even long distance!  Lynn’s guidance was perfect and timely, and assisted me in processing a distressing event so that I could get the correct and clear message from it.  Heartfelt thanks to you Lynn for sharing your wisdom with those of us who are lucky enough to be touched by you and your gifts." - Cheryl A.

    Nourishing Spirit, Mind, Body 2018


    What an incredible event with an amazing group of women. This year's Nourishing Spirit, Mind, Body Conference was filled will insights, laughter and great connections.

    Lynn M. Bunch spoke to the group about Intuition – what is it? Who has it? And what can we do with it? She talked about the importance of learning to quiet the mind chatter to steer clear of pain, struggle and fear. We have become so mental in our everyday lives that we are not living from an instinctual place that allows spirit to guide our mind and manifest our desires through our physical being.


    She facilitated an open discussion about developing each of our personal connections to spirit and what that can look like. For some of us, we feel our guidance, for others we know without proof or evidence, others may see or dream intuitive messages and still others may hear their intuition through music or the tone of a voice. Which of these each of us utilizes first is part of the curriculum at Intuitive Development that ultimately becomes part of your unique Blueprint – the roadmap of you.

    This group of engaging women dove right in with deep questions. The group as a whole was curious and animated throughout the discussion. They asked specific, pointed questions and jumped at the opportunity to interact with Lynn on the spot.


    Lynn’s accuracy and humor won the group over quickly from the start and many from the group were able to gain valuable insight into challenges they are currently facing and take home tangible ‘next steps’ to keep their lives moving forward with ease.

    Thank you Foxfire Events for hosting such an empowering conference!

    Reflections by Roselle Weinberger

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is this person looking back at me? It’s not someone I recognize right away. Is it the old me or the new me? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.


    The new me wants to move forward and is making progress in that direction; meanwhile, the old me wants to retreat to old, familiar, and comfortable ways. How is this serving me? Quite frankly, it isn’t. It is causing havoc in my life and the lives of those I love.


    Each day we make choices, some good and some bad. Worse yet, sometimes what we considered to be a good choice wasn’t. Discouraging? It certainly can be if we are not conscious and moving forward without purpose or connection to a higher source. We like to think we have control of our lives, but we don’t. We are constantly faced with obstacles. How we handle them makes all the difference in the world.


    Retreat or power through? Avoid or confront? Escape or stay? Choices. Some choices are made in a split second, while others are mulled over for a long period of time.  Does the length of time matter? Yes.  There is a window of time for possibility.  If action isn’t taken during that window, the opportunity is lost, or at the very least, only a new version of the former opportunity will be possible, with modified obstacles.


    These are some of the concepts I’m opting into through classes at The Center for Intuitive Development. My mind has been opened and my awareness has broadened. I have awakened a desire to live a more enlightened life.

    Awaken your life. Take the first step.

    Me, Myself, and My Messages By Mike Oppenheim


    All my life I have been searching for meaning: be it in nature, consciousness, sleep, dreams, or myself. This ceaseless search has been both my burden and best friend.

    Prior to stumbling into a former-stumbler who introduced me to Lynn M. Bunch and the Center for Intuitive Development, I didn’t have names or even sign posts for my private, sacred methods for decision-making, or my “science of living,” if you will.

    It was therefore a remarkable moment in my life when I started taking the Intuitive Development Blueprint courses, all of which give background, names, and best of all, reliable instructions for how to best use what I now refer to as my messages.

    There are messages all around us: too many, if you ask me. “Lose weight the easy way…” “Improve your sex life instantly with…” “Choosy Moms choose…” These messages distract us from our guided messages, the only messages worth following.

    I have a confession. Sometimes* in my life, I have purposefully ignored my guided messages, and more often than not, it was because they contradicted the “wisdom” of my country, culture or society. *(“Sometimes?” (blush) “I mean, uh, quite often…”)

    Blame it on peer pressure, a desire to fit in, or weakness: I’ll own any accusation, for I now stand on the other side of what I formerly saw as an impenetrable wall separating me from what I always sought: self-confidence. I am now living in what I always intuited as my Truth, but this was no cakewalk, thanks to socialization.

    I have replaced my affiliation with “Zombie University,” with the School of Intuitively Guided Conscious Humans. Our mission is simple: We follow messages and pay attention to signs in order to live a life of purpose, with joy and self-respect.

    I know that the way I feel is not a permanent state. Just like everything in our ephemeral Universe, Living with Intuition requires dedication and discipline—but I am happy to report that I have now built a good streak of following messages without obsessing over why they arose, what they will accomplish, and best of all, how others will judge me and how I will judge myself. My chains were voluntary.

    My Truth is not your Truth, but any two humans living in Truth can recognize each other, even if one is a Millennial skinny jeaned hipster brewing chick espresso and the other is a renegade leather chapped Boomer on a Harley: our hearts don’t judge.

    We all come from and will exit our lives with a unique experience, but we all share the gift of intuition, which comes from the same source, and it’s a lot easier to see this, learn this, experience this, and ultimately manage this, when you have a guide.

    Intuitive Development is the best guide I have found in thirty years of seeking. It’s not the only path, but it’s the best one for those who want education and support.

    I tried for most of my life to make my way alone, and I didn’t fail, but as I was trekking the mountain of my as-of-yet greatest challenge, I learned how superior the reliable path of intuition is, and now I’m on it, and I’m ecstatic with the results.

    Find your own way here.

    Success and the City


    The A2ndAct event was sold out to over 300 people, and Andrea was about to take the stage. She felt fearlessly passionate about helping others, speaking to others, and letting them know they are not alone in their challenges. She knew this is where she needed to be. This is why she survived Leukemia.

    Weeks before, Andrea had performed her speech our Mastering Intuitive Living (MIL) class. She was relaxed and comfortable; she did not experience the stage fright she anticipated. When she felt the same way at the audition for A2ndAct, she knew she would get the spot before stepping on stage.

    This is where she belongs.

    Following that engagement, Andrea was nominated for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (Arizona) 2018 Woman of the Year. Even though the messages she got on her journey to success seemed irrelevant at times, looking back at her timeline, she can see how intuitive messages led to success.

    A good example of following messages arises from the time one of Andrea’s classmates at Valley Leadership invited her to connect with a friend that hosts a local TV show. This conflicted with a prior commitment she had made with Valley Leadership creating an internal struggle. However, she followed the message to go to the show, taking a half-day from Valley Leadership to attend.

    The host of the show mentioned her book and gave her 5 min to speak. The segment went well. The serendipity occurred when the next person scheduled after her cancelled, so she was able to chat with the host off air for almost an hour in more detail. Later that day, she received an email introduction from the host to one of the organizers of A2ndAct. They setup a coffee date and Andrea was invited to audition. She knew that she would succeed at the audition. She confidently went to Tucson to see how the event worked and get a feel for what they were working to accomplish before auditioning in December to get the part. The first message “did not make sense,” but it worked!

    In fact, her membership with Valley Leadership was an exercise in following messages. A peer from Girl Scouts had recommended her for the program, and she also happened to be on the board. Andrea had a 1-week deadline to submit her application. Again, she intuitively knew she was going to join the program, so she completed the application with two recommendations, and got accepted. Following that message, she received another, and another, and another. Silly or serious, it didn’t matter: they kept coming, and she kept following them. Now she has a Woman of the Year nomination!

    Andrea’s progress has amped up since October, coinciding with the release of her book. Now, she doesn’t have to think much about messages: she checks in to confirm they are messages and follows them. Her energy has been running at a higher and more stable level than ever before. She’s had fewer dives into judgment, and when she does fall prey to judgment, she doesn’t stay there for long. That doesn’t mean she isn’t challenged; she is. However, she’s approaching her challenges with Spirit, Mind, Body.

    With her Woman of the Year nomination, the fundraising aspect is a challenge. She’s having old patterns of thought, such as, “I am inadequate.” She’s being challenged to stay in her “fearless” image. Her partners are 100% on board and encouraging and supportive of all that she pursues. These partners inspire awe which encourages her to stay the course.

    Andrea has worked her Intuitive Development Blueprint in her endeavors. She’s used this tool to bridge the gap between Spirit and Humanity. She’s no longer mentally spinning. Before working on her blueprint, Andrea put pressure on herself to be right and not let anybody know she’s wrong. Fortunately, she’s removed this pressure by connecting to spirit by utilizing her tools. She’s getting more comfortable with intuitive living. Confirmation events, like speeches, continue to bolster her fearlessness. She now relies on the powerful, supportive energy that is beyond the human realm.

    Andrea’s journey continues! She was recently on a tour with the Mayo Clinic and Valley Leadership, meeting some Leukemia & Lymphoma Society people. She followed another message to approach the society group as a speaker, handing out business cards, and received an invitation for coffee. They made her an offer to speak, and her message says to do it, even though her humanity would prefer to wait. Her husband, and partner, is in full support of her amazing, but busy schedule.

    Despite challenges, Andrea has turned to Spirit as a road map, and the results are astounding. The entire experience for her has been full of unintended positive consequences that she would not have experienced if she had tried to control her fate, instead of having blind faith and trusting the process.

    Andrea has her last Valley Leadership class on June 2nd.

    The fundraising for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ends June 9th.

    She’ll be having a margarita on June 10th.

    Maybe even two...

    Become the next Success Story and start your Journey here.

    Living Life on Autopilot Without Intention by Roselle Weinberger


    For months I have been going through my days on autopilot.  If I was completely honest, I’ve been doing that for years.  Each day just going through the motions . . . . getting dressed, brushing teeth, stretching, eating, etc.  All things were done without a second thought as to why or how any of it was really benefitting me.


    Recently I was asked why I was doing certain things and it made me stop and think.  I was totally shocked that I didn’t have an answer other than it’s what I always do.  Rude awakening!  Life should have meaning and that can only be achieved by doing things with intention, with full awareness . . . . . being conscious.


    From now on I will be mindful of my actions however small or insignificant they seem.  When I eat I will be aware of what I am putting in my mouth and how it will nourish my body.  When I soak in the tub or take a shower, I will do it with total realization that I am washing off all the energy from the day that isn’t benefitting me.  When I sit outside I will truly enjoy nature and let it boost my spirit.


    Life is precious and should be lived to the fullest.  Each of us has a different interpretation of what that means.  To me it means being surrounded by people with similar beliefs that are looking to achieve a higher consciousness.  Continuing to grow, learn and expand myself in Spirit, Mind, and Body.


    You’ve probably heard the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”   Well, I’d like to say, NOT TRUE!!!  Being past the age of seventy, I am learning that it isn’t too late to be taught a new way.  Attending classes and taking the e-Courses at Intuitive Development I have been shown a whole new way to lead a more fulfilled, enlightened life.  They are teaching me to speak my truth, live without being stuck in worry and awaken my long suppressed intuition.  For the first time in my life I have learned not to be afraid of it. 


    With each class and each session with the ID Team, I learn something new about myself.  Granted, it’s not always sunshine and roses but a necessary awakening of my soul.  I have been given the tools to work through my dark times and get me back to a good place in true alignment.  It’s easy to become discouraged because there is so much to learn but the Team is always there to listen, encourage and help get to the source of the uncertainty – self-judgment.  I’m working on achieving the confidence in myself that they see in me.