The Internal Compass - Using Intuition for Work, Life & Love

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Lynn M. Bunch engaged with a group of amazing women at a multi-company networking event on Thursday, October 26th. The turnout was tremendous and the participants were engaged and empowered!

Intuition is a natural, instinctual gift. It's like an internal GPS, an ability that we've forgotten how to use to help us respond well, make decisions and deal with real problems in the world.

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We are taught at an early age to ignore our intuition,and trust in the wisdom of others. We're also likely to be criticized for being too sensitive, too emotional or even illogical. Constant criticism can cloud our judgment and make us doubt ourselves and our instincts, but if we can remember how to use and follow our intuition, we can guide ourselves with more clarity and confidence as we navigate our path in work, life and love.

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Developing your intuition is knowing yourself, trusting yourself and following your inner wisdom to:

Empower and lead yourself

Guide choices & decisions

Break through old patterns & obstacles

Gain practical, grounded, lifelong skills for human connection

When you move forward with soul, purpose and passion leading the way, you create the results and life you desire.

That's why we educate people to use the most valuable resource they already have - their intuition.

“Everyone loved the event and especially loved Lynn!” - Tammie Langdon, CPM │Sr. Manager, Customer Reporting Tools - Sales & Marketing Operations - CVS Health