Black and Bling Society 5th Birthday Celebration


Lynn M. Bunch spoke to an amazing group of women at the BABS (Black and Bling Society) 5th birthday celebration. All the ladies were decked out in their roaring 20’s attire in all black and blinged up!



Lynn interacted with the crowd as they discussed their thoughts on what they contribute to their life and where they may have lost their way or gotten off track.

She used the Intuitive Development Alignment Deck to demonstrate how a card’s message can show someone how to get back on track.


There were lots of giveaways and laughs! The ID Team cleaned house with prizes.

The event was spectacular; the crowd was energized and left the day roaring into the future with a personal, guided message to get back on track with contributing to their own life and the lives of those around them.

Happy 5th Birthday BABS!