Success and the City


The A2ndAct event was sold out to over 300 people, and Andrea was about to take the stage. She felt fearlessly passionate about helping others, speaking to others, and letting them know they are not alone in their challenges. She knew this is where she needed to be. This is why she survived Leukemia.

Weeks before, Andrea had performed her speech our Mastering Intuitive Living (MIL) class. She was relaxed and comfortable; she did not experience the stage fright she anticipated. When she felt the same way at the audition for A2ndAct, she knew she would get the spot before stepping on stage.

This is where she belongs.

Following that engagement, Andrea was nominated for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (Arizona) 2018 Woman of the Year. Even though the messages she got on her journey to success seemed irrelevant at times, looking back at her timeline, she can see how intuitive messages led to success.

A good example of following messages arises from the time one of Andrea’s classmates at Valley Leadership invited her to connect with a friend that hosts a local TV show. This conflicted with a prior commitment she had made with Valley Leadership creating an internal struggle. However, she followed the message to go to the show, taking a half-day from Valley Leadership to attend.

The host of the show mentioned her book and gave her 5 min to speak. The segment went well. The serendipity occurred when the next person scheduled after her cancelled, so she was able to chat with the host off air for almost an hour in more detail. Later that day, she received an email introduction from the host to one of the organizers of A2ndAct. They setup a coffee date and Andrea was invited to audition. She knew that she would succeed at the audition. She confidently went to Tucson to see how the event worked and get a feel for what they were working to accomplish before auditioning in December to get the part. The first message “did not make sense,” but it worked!

In fact, her membership with Valley Leadership was an exercise in following messages. A peer from Girl Scouts had recommended her for the program, and she also happened to be on the board. Andrea had a 1-week deadline to submit her application. Again, she intuitively knew she was going to join the program, so she completed the application with two recommendations, and got accepted. Following that message, she received another, and another, and another. Silly or serious, it didn’t matter: they kept coming, and she kept following them. Now she has a Woman of the Year nomination!

Andrea’s progress has amped up since October, coinciding with the release of her book. Now, she doesn’t have to think much about messages: she checks in to confirm they are messages and follows them. Her energy has been running at a higher and more stable level than ever before. She’s had fewer dives into judgment, and when she does fall prey to judgment, she doesn’t stay there for long. That doesn’t mean she isn’t challenged; she is. However, she’s approaching her challenges with Spirit, Mind, Body.

With her Woman of the Year nomination, the fundraising aspect is a challenge. She’s having old patterns of thought, such as, “I am inadequate.” She’s being challenged to stay in her “fearless” image. Her partners are 100% on board and encouraging and supportive of all that she pursues. These partners inspire awe which encourages her to stay the course.

Andrea has worked her Intuitive Development Blueprint in her endeavors. She’s used this tool to bridge the gap between Spirit and Humanity. She’s no longer mentally spinning. Before working on her blueprint, Andrea put pressure on herself to be right and not let anybody know she’s wrong. Fortunately, she’s removed this pressure by connecting to spirit by utilizing her tools. She’s getting more comfortable with intuitive living. Confirmation events, like speeches, continue to bolster her fearlessness. She now relies on the powerful, supportive energy that is beyond the human realm.

Andrea’s journey continues! She was recently on a tour with the Mayo Clinic and Valley Leadership, meeting some Leukemia & Lymphoma Society people. She followed another message to approach the society group as a speaker, handing out business cards, and received an invitation for coffee. They made her an offer to speak, and her message says to do it, even though her humanity would prefer to wait. Her husband, and partner, is in full support of her amazing, but busy schedule.

Despite challenges, Andrea has turned to Spirit as a road map, and the results are astounding. The entire experience for her has been full of unintended positive consequences that she would not have experienced if she had tried to control her fate, instead of having blind faith and trusting the process.

Andrea has her last Valley Leadership class on June 2nd.

The fundraising for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ends June 9th.

She’ll be having a margarita on June 10th.

Maybe even two...

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