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Join Lynn every Thursday from noon to 1:00pm (MST) on Intuitive Development’s Facebook page. Submit a short question you need guidance on and she will answer as many as possible from participants.

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Intuitive Tuesdays are Back!

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Newly formatted to better serve you and your most pressing questions. Gain clarity and quick support with Intuitive Educator, Lynn M. Bunch's support and precise wisdom.

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"Thank you Lynn and the ID team for the reformation of Intuitive Tuesday!  The new format allows each participant to have an opportunity to receive personalized guidance from Lynn on a topic that is thought through and communicated to Lynn in advance.  Every participant gets the benefit of learning from each other and the best part is you can join in from anywhere – your home, office or even long distance!  Lynn’s guidance was perfect and timely, and assisted me in processing a distressing event so that I could get the correct and clear message from it.  Heartfelt thanks to you Lynn for sharing your wisdom with those of us who are lucky enough to be touched by you and your gifts." - Cheryl A.

    Black and Bling Society 5th Birthday Celebration


    Lynn M. Bunch spoke to an amazing group of women at the BABS (Black and Bling Society) 5th birthday celebration. All the ladies were decked out in their roaring 20’s attire in all black and blinged up!



    Lynn interacted with the crowd as they discussed their thoughts on what they contribute to their life and where they may have lost their way or gotten off track.

    She used the Intuitive Development Alignment Deck to demonstrate how a card’s message can show someone how to get back on track.


    There were lots of giveaways and laughs! The ID Team cleaned house with prizes.

    The event was spectacular; the crowd was energized and left the day roaring into the future with a personal, guided message to get back on track with contributing to their own life and the lives of those around them.

    Happy 5th Birthday BABS!


    Manifesting Your Destined Life Purpose by Mike Oppenheim


    On Tuesday, January 9th I had the opportunity to attend Intuitive Development’s latest workshop in their Uniting Through Intuition Series: “Manifesting Your Destined Life Blueprint.”


    I knew going in that regardless of content, I’d have a rare opportunity to see Lynn M. Bunch “do her thing.” I normally only get to see this in my private sessions, which are sparingly doled out to me months in advance, thanks to her refusal to work 24/7, and sleep and eat in the office, when we let her, to meet client demands.


    Suffice it to say that Lynn, the guru of gut-checks, did not disappoint, and the 50+ attendees agreed (I base this on their voluntary ovation at the end of the event). The evening flew by, as Lynn introduced, taught, and reinforced graspable concepts that help anyone of any age and inclination to process emotional difficulties like a pro.


    Lynn opened things up by explaining to her audience, a mix of fresh faces and familiar ones, that she “sometimes fucking swears” but knows how to “not fucking swear” when it’s appropriate. This wasn’t some planned or canned opener, it was just Lynn doing what we all should do: following her messages, often hilariously.


    The reason I like Lynn, is because she’s caring and funny, but the reason I listen to and respect her, is because she fearlessly honors and practices her lessons: living in alignment with the intuitive messages we are innately wired to receive and follow.


    Back to Tuesday: After her opening, I guess Lynn’s next message told her something along the lines of, “help strangers confront judgment issues to resolve their non-issues, which they mistakenly think are the issues, duh!”


    Wait. What? Can you explain that? I could, but sadly, that’s precisely why I attended Lynn’s event: because while her teachings are easy to memorize, studies repeatedly reveal to us that learning isn’t memorization-based, it’s conceptual and experiential based, hence the need for courses, discipline, and practice. If you want to master a concept, you have to…wait for it…master the concept—and mastery requires master effort.


    However, I will say the following: Lynn made me feel comfortable with admitting the uncomfortable truth of myself, to myself:  the only way to fall asleep and wake up each day with a vitality and energy for life is to listen to, accept, and then embrace the messages that lie within my own intuition and consciousness.


    No matter how much I want to blame others and myself, see myself or others as victims, or throw pity parties and slip into “I’m-a-zombie-and-life-sucks” mode, I can and should try harder to do what all children do, before society and culture teaches it out of them: trust my gut, and proceed with confidence and non-attachment.


    The event was fun, funny, and educational, in equal parts. After Lynn helped one attendee break through with a major struggle in their life, she would swivel to another person, and cautiously but courageously carve into their conundrum.


    I was shocked and awed, but also entirely unsurprised, since I knew going in that Lynn has the same skill that all humans possess, she’s “just” confident, well-practiced, and never wavering in her adherence to uniting with her intuition. Lynn understands that life’s biggest obstacles are precisely why we intuit; we are children of life, desperate for new lessons, yet hysterically upset when the very lessons we crave give us the requirements for learning: “homework,” “learning,” and “tests.”

    Uniting thru Intuition


    Uniting thru Intuition is an educational series designed to bring us together through our intuition. The focus of this discussion was Judgment.

    Participants were asked to think of something challenging them right now – a person or situation. Then each participant intuited for themselves which of 2 scenarios applied to them – guilt or projected guilt.

    From this vantage point, all those in attendance had the ability to see their situation through the lens of discernment and make a decision about what to do next.

    Lynn took questions directly related to individual challenges and worked with participants to find the next step towards resolution.

    What situation would you choose?


    This is No Merry-go-Round by Lynn M. Bunch



    Do you find yourself repeating the same behavior over and over? Do you end up in the same kind of relationship only to catch yourself too late and wonder why you keep attracting this ‘type’ of person. You may be looping in old reactions and patterns.

    In Mastering Intuitive Living (MIL) we dive into those old reactions and patterns that block us from creating the life we truly desire. We don’t hold back. We go for it and we get results! Recently, we talked about looping – the process of repeating the same pattern over and over.

    We picked a specific scenario (or person) and worked that situation in class. We identified it, isolated the specific area it’s most impacting our life (Health, Relationship, Finance…), then leveraged our intuition and the ID Blueprint to change it.

    (The Intuitive Development (ID) Blueprint is your gateway to living an authentic, aligned life with every possible answer to your questions. It is complex and uniquely designed to your genetic history with action steps to help you move forward in all areas of your life: Work, health, love and relationships.)

    In this class, we jump-started change so that each person could go home and continue to make the changes they desire. That’s why we come to class! To be the change we wish to see.

    Will you join us?

    In a Toxic World, take Action By Lynn M. Bunch

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    We live in a toxic world.  It shows up in many different ways; physically through our visual and audial systems – mentally through the patterns we consciously or unconsciously impose upon ourselves – energetically through outside influences and the pressures to conform.  It’s difficult to navigate through it all.  To thrive without succumbing to the challenges of humanity, we need to have that quiet space where we can reconnect within.  

    We invest a lot of time and energy trying to reconnect to ourselves.  I know from personal experience that it does not have to be such a struggle, that it is simply a matter of conscious choice.  There is no “right” way to getting there – a deep breath, communing with nature, movement, surrendering – whatever it takes to get you grounded in the present.

    The Intuitive Development Alignment Card Deck is an easy, effective and practical tool to aid in that process. If you find yourself challenged and feeling stuck, take a moment, focus on the question or issue, and draw a card. The message on the card will provide you with the next step to get you back to the true you.  If you don’t actually know what is challenging you, pull a card and ask what it is that is blocking your way. 

    If you are a member of our Mastering Intuitive Living (MIL) community, you already have all the tools you need at your fingertips on your own personal Blueprint.  If you’re attached to a certain outcome, find the area on your blueprint where this applies, clear the challenge by using your action step and land solidly in your desired result.

    This process is one of many ways to clearly and directly confront and overcome the challenges of daily life.  Come explore with me the many others ways we have available here at The Center for Intuitive Development!