ear pain

Ear Pain Rescue by Rona Recker


HI Rona,

Here's what's going on with me: my right earlobe at the earring hole has been bothering me when I wear earrings.

I've moved to lighter and lighter earrings. At the end of September I was wearing really light hoops, and after a few hours my right ear was in pain. I removed the earring and after a couple of hours the ear was OK. Next day it was even fewer hours to the pain point. I haven't worn earrings since.

Is there an emotional aspect I can clear here? or am I just done with earrings?



Hello D,

That is a very interesting question and I am happy to answer it for you. :)

Your ear is indicating that you are not clearly seeing who you are showing up as in the world. You aren’t noticing in the moment what is happening in your interactions… so, stay present and bring forth honest dialogue if you notice someone is tuning out on you or isn’t actively engaged.

We have the image of ourselves that we ‘think’ we show up as (always charming and fun)… the image of who we ‘actually’ show up as (sometimes insecure or fake)… and the story in between.

When we truly embrace our imperfections… all of our dark parts (here is the kicker) and we don’t make them wrong or bad, then we can embrace that even our dark parts help us and those we interact with to heal judgments, which allows us all to move forward. When we realize our lapses, we can change them for the next time. We are actually all together in this journey.

We also want to make sure that we are learning from other people who are triggering us. If we don’t, then those become roadblocks that will constantly trigger us, which causes our imperfections to show up more.

So, for you – OWN that you are not perfect… you are going to mess up. Grab your heart and allow yourself to teach others through your imperfections! And have a heartfelt dialogue when it happens. :)

Have a great day!