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Creating a New Normal by Roselle Weinberger


Our entire lives we are creating a new normal. There are always changes in our lives that we have to navigate. As we go from childhood to adulthood all sorts of changes take place in our lives. We go off to school, get a job, get married and sometimes have children. Usually we have help from family during these times, someone to help us through.

This time creating a new normal is different. I never anticipated my husband getting sick and dying. I envisioned our life together going on forever. We never had any set plan for the future. We took things as they came. We worked together to provide a good life for our children. We did what we needed to do to see that they received a college education, helped plan weddings and welcome beautiful grandchildren into the world - all the time providing unconditional love and support.

My husband did get sick and die. It was a short, painful illness. From diagnosis to death only took 104 days ending 53 years, 3 months and 8 days of marriage. His death was anticipated, but what wasn’t anticipated was what it would mean to me. We had always done everything together and now I was left without that support, protection and love. For the first I had to make decisions and choices on my own. My children and grandchildren were with me giving love and support but it wasn’t the same. Nothing will ever be the same again.

After his burial and all the family had returned to their lives, I was alone. For the first time in my life I was living alone. The silence in the house was overwhelming. There was no familiar snoring, no slight movement on the other side of the bed or a warm touch within arm’s reach. Since there was no one in bed but me, there was no longer “sides.” I now sleep in the middle of the king size bed so that I’m not tempted to reach out for that warmth to be reassured that all is ok.

My husband was everything to me. Words can’t describe the feelings/emotions wrapped up in my love for him. Death did not diminish those. A part of me also died that night. I know this is something I will never get over, but by the grace of God and help from others I will get through it. It has been 2 years, 2 months and 4 days since his passing and I’m still trying to figure it out.

My new normal is not what I envisioned. I had a beautiful life that came to an end. These days I am surrounded by people who love and care about me and are helping me move forward. I do that by providing respite care for families that have a loved one in hospice and being more open about my experience with others. My husband would want me to be happy and live my life with purpose – this is my purpose now.

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Loss by Roselle Weinberger


Loss . . . . . . .


Why do people say “I lost my husband?”  He’s not lost.  I know right where he is.  Well, at least I know where his physical body is.  Not too sure about his spirit.  There is great debate on whether or not death is the end of everything. I choose to believe that it isn’t the case.  I believe there is a place from where we came and will ultimately return. 


We are all on this earth for a purpose but not all of us choose to complete out task.  Why is that?  My answer would be that we allow our humanity to get in the way.  We forget that there is also a spiritual side.  Do we choose humanity because we think it’s easy?  Do we ignore spirituality because we think it’s hard?  Or is it that our spiritual side doesn’t get the same attention?


A year ago this month I walked in the doors of Intuitive Development.  As the saying goes ‘what a difference a year makes.’  OK, I know it’s actually supposed to be a day but I like mine better.  I was a mess to put it bluntly.  My husband had passed a little over four months prior . . . . . . passed not lost.  I was struggling just to get out of bed.  I thought I had no reason left to exist.  There were times when I wished I could die.  ID through their loving support taught me to live again.  Taught me to focus on spirit, mind, and body.


Spirit is what was missing.  Somewhere along the line I had forgotten how important my connection to spirit was.  Through ID’s support and their nonjudgmental acceptance, I started to see what I was missing and started once again to become a whole person.  It hasn’t been an easy process.  At times it seemed downright impossible but fortunately for me they didn’t give up on me. 


I miss my husband every day but I don’t get stuck in the sadness.  I’ve found a new way to share my love and compassion by volunteering for Hospice of the Valley.  I give respite time to the caregivers.  I was asked why I did this for no pay.  Quite honestly I derive great comfort in knowing that at least, in some small way, I have made a difference in their life.  By helping others I am helped.


There is no magic wand, only the desire to live a more conscious life. 


Follow the Leader: How Intuitive Thinking Changed my Life By Mike Oppenheim


Lynn is going to kill me. No, I’m serious. If Lynn M. Bunch reads this Blog, I might lose my job, because I’m going to coin a new term in this essay, and it’s going to really, really, truly, and seriously annoy one of my favorite teachers of all time.

Before I met Lynn, I was mess. After meeting Lynn, I’m still a mess, but only by my former standards. What I know see is a mind that spins, a body that I often ignore in order to feed my mind, and a soul that loves both, and wishes that I would too.

I think a lot. Thinking isn’t a problem. It is how one thinks and what they do based on thoughts that can be problematic. Prior to taking all of the Intuitive Development (ID) courses, I spent almost all of my time thinking, but without purpose or a plan, and I therefore suffered and feared a lot. Now that I have an ID Blueprint, I still think, but differently, and I am humbled and fulfilled by this tremendous change.

I call this “intuitive thinking,” and you may want to re-read that first paragraph now.

“Intuitive thinking” means using intuition before and after you have thoughts that seem important. When my mind starts to spin, which is not something I can really control, I must realize that I only control my reaction to “spin.” My ID blueprint has every tool I need to defeat a mental spin, so now that I use it, instead of staring at it like an unopened birthday gift, I’m spinning less and “intuitively thinking” more.

According to ID philosophy, which I support and use, I’m a “leader,” meaning that I often do not check in with my intuition, preferring instead to listen to foolish, ego-driven ambitions that often work against my soul’s desire for peace and progress. The opposite of a “leader” is a “follower.” Their issue is mine in reverse; go figure.

Because I’m a leader, when I get “the mental spins” I feel obsessively driven towards problem solving, but these thoughts of how to solve the problem, and the thoughts about the problem itself, are actually at the root of “struggle” and “fear. 

My life isn’t getting better, on paper. I still have financial and relationship woes, and even my woes recently called to say they have woes. The difference is that I am not struggling or fearing “woes,” because I no longer see them as “woes.” They are necessary obstacles for my soul to overcome. I have replaced my panic button with ID tools that I use to ground myself before succumbing to pain, struggle, and fear. I am now less reactive to emotions and mental spin than I ever dreamed I could be.

I’m not “there” yet (I doubt there is a “there” to reach), but I do know what progress feels like, so thanks to “intuitive thinking,” I now think creatively and positively about how to enhance my ability to love others and myself, and of equal importance, I now constantly use my intuition, instead of idiotically “following my leader.”

The Power of Patience by Annette Pingitore


Patience for me is the ability to deal with challenges and handle setbacks while staying calm, cool and collected.  Ahhhh, just think about the inner strength this requires to keep yourself from being reactive as opposed to being patient in order to respond from your heart.  This takes practice, discipline and a willingness to choose consciously how you are going to deal with the challenges you face in life. 


Do you find yourself flying off the handle when things don’t go the way you’ve planned?  Are you critical of others when they don’t act or behave the way you’d like them to?  Do you suffer from road rage and take your anger out on unsuspecting passersby?  There are many things that can trigger your impatience, but if you don’t learn to take control of your emotions, they can wreak havoc on your relationships, health and every area of your life.  Impatience creates tension in your body which in turn leaves you susceptible to illness or injury.  Learning to exercise control of yourself will not only benefit you but everyone around you.  Impatience is toxic to all who are exposed and must be dealt with if you are to find the peace and harmony that you truly long for and deserve.


Patience is one of the seven Christian virtues that is said to oppose wrath (extreme anger) which is one of the seven deadly sins.  Think about that for a moment… no matter what your belief system is, certainly you can see the benefit of practicing patience is your life.  Just imagine all of the misery that could be avoided if you were willing to try a softer and more thoughtful approach to your issues rather than mindlessly reacting to everything and everybody.  Think about how you could gain the respect of others and how they might be willing to hear you and take in what you are saying if you aren’t trying to righteously control them with your opinions and judgments.


I’d like to share a quick example of how exercising patience in my relationship with my husband recently brought me great joy.  First of all, I’ve been misunderstanding what patience looks like with him.  I thought to be patient was to quickly let things roll off me, and I was willing to have peace at all costs.  I was sweeping issues under the rug rather than dealing with them which was leaving me feeling unfulfilled.  Then I finally woke up and realized that I was misusing patience and was allowing myself to be a doormat, just going along with everything and staying cool, calm and collected even though I was really feeling hurt and angry.  I finally realized that in order to have a healthy relationship, I needed to set boundaries.  Setting boundaries takes standing firm, speaking your truth and then detaching until the other person becomes accountable for their actions.  What is actually required is to have patience with myself and the situation not the inappropriate behaviors of others.  So, I tried a new approach.  Instead of trying to hurry up and make things better after an argument, I decided to be patient and wait for him to approach me with an apology and an acknowledgment of how hurtful his words and actions were.  By waiting patiently and giving him the time and space needed to reflect on himself, he ultimately realized the error in his ways.  Exercising patience in this way required him to step up and take ownership in his part of our discord, and I was willing to do the same.  This in turn inspired him to line up a babysitter for our children so we could have a romantic dinner and fun night for us to reconnect.   All felt right in the world, and I truly got to experience what it looks like to be patient and honest with my feelings, set boundaries and uphold a higher standard for myself.  I’ve learned these strategies from the courses I’ve taken at Intuitive Development.  The particular courses that came in handy in this situation were Understanding Emotional Patters and Defining Bottom Lines.  These classes help you to recognize your feelings, express them appropriately, set standards within your relationships and create heartfelt connections.

The next time you find yourself feeling impatient, stop for a moment and ask yourself what is really going on for you?  What’s the true underlying reason for this feeling?  Once you find the actual source at the bottom of it all, confront the person and/or situation head on, firmly and patiently speaking your truth rather than being confrontational.  This is how you can enact change in the world you are creating for yourself.  Once we stop trying to control others and instead take control of ourselves, we then have the power necessary to experience genuine peace and joy in our lives.  We need to balance our passions by allowing life to flow and naturally unfold.  When we push too hard or too fast for what we want, we actually create a resistance to it.


Stop, breathe, find the truth, confront, clear, change and be PATIENT!  

Get going on your own success story.

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    Nourishing Spirit, Mind, Body 2018


    What an incredible event with an amazing group of women. This year's Nourishing Spirit, Mind, Body Conference was filled will insights, laughter and great connections.

    Lynn M. Bunch spoke to the group about Intuition – what is it? Who has it? And what can we do with it? She talked about the importance of learning to quiet the mind chatter to steer clear of pain, struggle and fear. We have become so mental in our everyday lives that we are not living from an instinctual place that allows spirit to guide our mind and manifest our desires through our physical being.


    She facilitated an open discussion about developing each of our personal connections to spirit and what that can look like. For some of us, we feel our guidance, for others we know without proof or evidence, others may see or dream intuitive messages and still others may hear their intuition through music or the tone of a voice. Which of these each of us utilizes first is part of the curriculum at Intuitive Development that ultimately becomes part of your unique Blueprint – the roadmap of you.

    This group of engaging women dove right in with deep questions. The group as a whole was curious and animated throughout the discussion. They asked specific, pointed questions and jumped at the opportunity to interact with Lynn on the spot.


    Lynn’s accuracy and humor won the group over quickly from the start and many from the group were able to gain valuable insight into challenges they are currently facing and take home tangible ‘next steps’ to keep their lives moving forward with ease.

    Thank you Foxfire Events for hosting such an empowering conference!

    Reflections by Roselle Weinberger

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is this person looking back at me? It’s not someone I recognize right away. Is it the old me or the new me? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.


    The new me wants to move forward and is making progress in that direction; meanwhile, the old me wants to retreat to old, familiar, and comfortable ways. How is this serving me? Quite frankly, it isn’t. It is causing havoc in my life and the lives of those I love.


    Each day we make choices, some good and some bad. Worse yet, sometimes what we considered to be a good choice wasn’t. Discouraging? It certainly can be if we are not conscious and moving forward without purpose or connection to a higher source. We like to think we have control of our lives, but we don’t. We are constantly faced with obstacles. How we handle them makes all the difference in the world.


    Retreat or power through? Avoid or confront? Escape or stay? Choices. Some choices are made in a split second, while others are mulled over for a long period of time.  Does the length of time matter? Yes.  There is a window of time for possibility.  If action isn’t taken during that window, the opportunity is lost, or at the very least, only a new version of the former opportunity will be possible, with modified obstacles.


    These are some of the concepts I’m opting into through classes at The Center for Intuitive Development. My mind has been opened and my awareness has broadened. I have awakened a desire to live a more enlightened life.

    Awaken your life. Take the first step.