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This is No Merry-go-Round by Lynn M. Bunch



Do you find yourself repeating the same behavior over and over? Do you end up in the same kind of relationship only to catch yourself too late and wonder why you keep attracting this ‘type’ of person. You may be looping in old reactions and patterns.

In Mastering Intuitive Living (MIL) we dive into those old reactions and patterns that block us from creating the life we truly desire. We don’t hold back. We go for it and we get results! Recently, we talked about looping – the process of repeating the same pattern over and over.

We picked a specific scenario (or person) and worked that situation in class. We identified it, isolated the specific area it’s most impacting our life (Health, Relationship, Finance…), then leveraged our intuition and the ID Blueprint to change it.

(The Intuitive Development (ID) Blueprint is your gateway to living an authentic, aligned life with every possible answer to your questions. It is complex and uniquely designed to your genetic history with action steps to help you move forward in all areas of your life: Work, health, love and relationships.)

In this class, we jump-started change so that each person could go home and continue to make the changes they desire. That’s why we come to class! To be the change we wish to see.

Will you join us?

In a Toxic World, take Action By Lynn M. Bunch

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We live in a toxic world.  It shows up in many different ways; physically through our visual and audial systems – mentally through the patterns we consciously or unconsciously impose upon ourselves – energetically through outside influences and the pressures to conform.  It’s difficult to navigate through it all.  To thrive without succumbing to the challenges of humanity, we need to have that quiet space where we can reconnect within.  

We invest a lot of time and energy trying to reconnect to ourselves.  I know from personal experience that it does not have to be such a struggle, that it is simply a matter of conscious choice.  There is no “right” way to getting there – a deep breath, communing with nature, movement, surrendering – whatever it takes to get you grounded in the present.

The Intuitive Development Alignment Card Deck is an easy, effective and practical tool to aid in that process. If you find yourself challenged and feeling stuck, take a moment, focus on the question or issue, and draw a card. The message on the card will provide you with the next step to get you back to the true you.  If you don’t actually know what is challenging you, pull a card and ask what it is that is blocking your way. 

If you are a member of our Mastering Intuitive Living (MIL) community, you already have all the tools you need at your fingertips on your own personal Blueprint.  If you’re attached to a certain outcome, find the area on your blueprint where this applies, clear the challenge by using your action step and land solidly in your desired result.

This process is one of many ways to clearly and directly confront and overcome the challenges of daily life.  Come explore with me the many others ways we have available here at The Center for Intuitive Development!

Mastering Intuitive Living Recap

By Amy Gorno - Mastering Intuitive Living (MIL) is where we go to re-set our blueprint (ID tool that helps us intuitively reach our goals) and get the clarity we need to keep navigating our path in life.

In a recent class, Lynn M. Bunch explained the challenge with changing negative patterns on our lives. We must desire the positive result more than the negative pattern. Sounds easy, right? Look at it this way… Lynn used the analogy of coffee. If you are not a coffee drinker, it's not a challenge to give it up. You could easily walk away from a cup of coffee because you don't want it.

But if you are a coffee drinker, the desire to give up coffee is not quite enough to truly cure you of your love for coffee. You would be at risk to fall back into the pattern of drinking coffee when you’re having a bad day, need a pick-me-up, or just looking for some comfort.

To truly give up coffee, you must truly not WANT coffee anymore. This is when you change your desire to be for something else. The risk of falling back into the pattern of drinking coffee again goes away.

Not a coffee drinker? Think about a time that you got really sick from something you ate. Will you ever eat that food again? No. Your desire for that food has likely been replaced with a desire to NOT have it and thus enabled you to move on easily.

Any change you are looking to make could be confronted with this same challenge. Are you trying to lose weight but are falling ‘off the wagon’ and stuck in a plateau?

Are you desiring a new career but keep spinning around in old risk-taking fears or questioning your value?

Do you desire a relationship and feel there are ‘no good ones out there anymore’?

These could all be signs that you have fallen back into a negative pattern and delaying your positive result.

What have you been trying to change that has been a continual struggle? What are your desires and are they greater than what you don’t want?