Follow the Leader: How Intuitive Thinking Changed my Life By Mike Oppenheim


Lynn is going to kill me. No, I’m serious. If Lynn M. Bunch reads this Blog, I might lose my job, because I’m going to coin a new term in this essay, and it’s going to really, really, truly, and seriously annoy one of my favorite teachers of all time.

Before I met Lynn, I was mess. After meeting Lynn, I’m still a mess, but only by my former standards. What I know see is a mind that spins, a body that I often ignore in order to feed my mind, and a soul that loves both, and wishes that I would too.

I think a lot. Thinking isn’t a problem. It is how one thinks and what they do based on thoughts that can be problematic. Prior to taking all of the Intuitive Development (ID) courses, I spent almost all of my time thinking, but without purpose or a plan, and I therefore suffered and feared a lot. Now that I have an ID Blueprint, I still think, but differently, and I am humbled and fulfilled by this tremendous change.

I call this “intuitive thinking,” and you may want to re-read that first paragraph now.

“Intuitive thinking” means using intuition before and after you have thoughts that seem important. When my mind starts to spin, which is not something I can really control, I must realize that I only control my reaction to “spin.” My ID blueprint has every tool I need to defeat a mental spin, so now that I use it, instead of staring at it like an unopened birthday gift, I’m spinning less and “intuitively thinking” more.

According to ID philosophy, which I support and use, I’m a “leader,” meaning that I often do not check in with my intuition, preferring instead to listen to foolish, ego-driven ambitions that often work against my soul’s desire for peace and progress. The opposite of a “leader” is a “follower.” Their issue is mine in reverse; go figure.

Because I’m a leader, when I get “the mental spins” I feel obsessively driven towards problem solving, but these thoughts of how to solve the problem, and the thoughts about the problem itself, are actually at the root of “struggle” and “fear. 

My life isn’t getting better, on paper. I still have financial and relationship woes, and even my woes recently called to say they have woes. The difference is that I am not struggling or fearing “woes,” because I no longer see them as “woes.” They are necessary obstacles for my soul to overcome. I have replaced my panic button with ID tools that I use to ground myself before succumbing to pain, struggle, and fear. I am now less reactive to emotions and mental spin than I ever dreamed I could be.

I’m not “there” yet (I doubt there is a “there” to reach), but I do know what progress feels like, so thanks to “intuitive thinking,” I now think creatively and positively about how to enhance my ability to love others and myself, and of equal importance, I now constantly use my intuition, instead of idiotically “following my leader.”

Me, Myself, and My Messages By Mike Oppenheim


All my life I have been searching for meaning: be it in nature, consciousness, sleep, dreams, or myself. This ceaseless search has been both my burden and best friend.

Prior to stumbling into a former-stumbler who introduced me to Lynn M. Bunch and the Center for Intuitive Development, I didn’t have names or even sign posts for my private, sacred methods for decision-making, or my “science of living,” if you will.

It was therefore a remarkable moment in my life when I started taking the Intuitive Development Blueprint courses, all of which give background, names, and best of all, reliable instructions for how to best use what I now refer to as my messages.

There are messages all around us: too many, if you ask me. “Lose weight the easy way…” “Improve your sex life instantly with…” “Choosy Moms choose…” These messages distract us from our guided messages, the only messages worth following.

I have a confession. Sometimes* in my life, I have purposefully ignored my guided messages, and more often than not, it was because they contradicted the “wisdom” of my country, culture or society. *(“Sometimes?” (blush) “I mean, uh, quite often…”)

Blame it on peer pressure, a desire to fit in, or weakness: I’ll own any accusation, for I now stand on the other side of what I formerly saw as an impenetrable wall separating me from what I always sought: self-confidence. I am now living in what I always intuited as my Truth, but this was no cakewalk, thanks to socialization.

I have replaced my affiliation with “Zombie University,” with the School of Intuitively Guided Conscious Humans. Our mission is simple: We follow messages and pay attention to signs in order to live a life of purpose, with joy and self-respect.

I know that the way I feel is not a permanent state. Just like everything in our ephemeral Universe, Living with Intuition requires dedication and discipline—but I am happy to report that I have now built a good streak of following messages without obsessing over why they arose, what they will accomplish, and best of all, how others will judge me and how I will judge myself. My chains were voluntary.

My Truth is not your Truth, but any two humans living in Truth can recognize each other, even if one is a Millennial skinny jeaned hipster brewing chick espresso and the other is a renegade leather chapped Boomer on a Harley: our hearts don’t judge.

We all come from and will exit our lives with a unique experience, but we all share the gift of intuition, which comes from the same source, and it’s a lot easier to see this, learn this, experience this, and ultimately manage this, when you have a guide.

Intuitive Development is the best guide I have found in thirty years of seeking. It’s not the only path, but it’s the best one for those who want education and support.

I tried for most of my life to make my way alone, and I didn’t fail, but as I was trekking the mountain of my as-of-yet greatest challenge, I learned how superior the reliable path of intuition is, and now I’m on it, and I’m ecstatic with the results.

Find your own way here.