Self-Judgment by Roselle Weinberger


Self judgment. . . . . . .


This is a hard one for me.  I tend to take the responsibility for things that aren’t actually mine.  Why do I blame myself?  Is it due to a lack of self confidence?  Do I feel unworthy and therefore think I must be to blame?   Where does this come from?  Is it a carryover from childhood or something else?


I judge myself for all sorts of things.  Believe me…there is a lot of self judgment.  I’ve always been critical of myself.  Always strived to be the best that I possibly could but never feeling I quite got there.  I’ve discovered it runs through my family line and is a pattern of disconnection from my internal connection (from the course, Releasing Old Beliefs). What’s that?  Well, it can be traced back to my mother and my grandmother.  The word that comes to mind is dissatisfied.  Yes, dissatisfied.  The light bulb finally came on.  They were always searching, wanting to be better; never quite satisfied.  I have found myself doing the same thing.  Now that I know the cause, I can work on the remedy.


How will I be able to change the pattern?  To start, I will accept myself the way I am right now.  Even though I would like to change my body image, I will be happy with the way I look and know that my body is taking care of me the best way it knows how.  It is protecting me and helping me get through tough times.  How I look on the outside will not dictate how I feel on the inside.  It will no longer stop me from being me.


Judgment of any kind is negative and should be avoided.  Self judgment certainly doesn’t accomplish anything positive.  It brings you down and puts you in a place where you are unable to be of help to anyone.  Let it go and be an example to others by leading a judgment free life.

Underlying Pattern Rescue by Rona Recker


Hello Rona,

Me, my mother and my grandmother all have similar physical symptoms - shaking and ringing ears. We've grown accustomed to it and don't always notice it. It's only become more obvious lately. Is there something that has been passed down that we are all showing symptoms of? Or is this representing something unique in all of us, just presenting similarly?


Thank you,



Hello A,

There are definite health patterns that pass down through the generations. You will notice not everyone down the biological line has the same issues, even with similar gene patterns.


If we look at this metaphorically for the underlying patterns, you have 2 different patterns occurring. If you look at how you handle stress and the fears that come up for you, do you notice that you your immediate reaction is that you don’t reach up to your spiritual connection? Do you notice you stay longer in the stress than necessary?


When we don’t want to hear or follow through with our spiritual intuition, it will affect our ears (thus, the ringing in your ears). And the shaking is that you aren’t grounded (if you utilize the Spirit – Mind – Body concept…you receive an intuitive spiritual message that comes through your mind and you follow it through with your body. If these aren’t in concert, your body will literally react by shaking).


Can you see these characteristics in yourself, your mom and grandmother?


If you look at the course Releasing Old Beliefs, you can see patterns, beliefs and wounds that get passed down through generations. Taking this course gives you the answers of how to ground and feel connected to your spiritual connection again.


So, Ground, Ground, Ground and connect back to your intuitive self so you can follow through consistently until you see the results you are looking for. Don’t give up! And remember the times you have felt connected…it can seem impossible, but it only takes a moment to feel the peace of your spiritual connection once again. 

Rona Recker