Loss by Roselle Weinberger


Loss . . . . . . .


Why do people say “I lost my husband?”  He’s not lost.  I know right where he is.  Well, at least I know where his physical body is.  Not too sure about his spirit.  There is great debate on whether or not death is the end of everything. I choose to believe that it isn’t the case.  I believe there is a place from where we came and will ultimately return. 


We are all on this earth for a purpose but not all of us choose to complete out task.  Why is that?  My answer would be that we allow our humanity to get in the way.  We forget that there is also a spiritual side.  Do we choose humanity because we think it’s easy?  Do we ignore spirituality because we think it’s hard?  Or is it that our spiritual side doesn’t get the same attention?


A year ago this month I walked in the doors of Intuitive Development.  As the saying goes ‘what a difference a year makes.’  OK, I know it’s actually supposed to be a day but I like mine better.  I was a mess to put it bluntly.  My husband had passed a little over four months prior . . . . . . passed not lost.  I was struggling just to get out of bed.  I thought I had no reason left to exist.  There were times when I wished I could die.  ID through their loving support taught me to live again.  Taught me to focus on spirit, mind, and body.


Spirit is what was missing.  Somewhere along the line I had forgotten how important my connection to spirit was.  Through ID’s support and their nonjudgmental acceptance, I started to see what I was missing and started once again to become a whole person.  It hasn’t been an easy process.  At times it seemed downright impossible but fortunately for me they didn’t give up on me. 


I miss my husband every day but I don’t get stuck in the sadness.  I’ve found a new way to share my love and compassion by volunteering for Hospice of the Valley.  I give respite time to the caregivers.  I was asked why I did this for no pay.  Quite honestly I derive great comfort in knowing that at least, in some small way, I have made a difference in their life.  By helping others I am helped.


There is no magic wand, only the desire to live a more conscious life. 


Finding a Happy Place by Roselle Weinberger


What do I do when sadness starts to overwhelm me?  Do I sit and cry?  Retreat to my bed?  Throw or break things?  Although these options sound appealing, they are a band aid and provide only temporary relief.  Granted, in the moment all seems well, but the sadness starts creeping back.


In my darkest moments, I go to my happy place.  What is a happy place?  It’s a place you can relax, reflect, and rejuvenate.  It can be a physical place or a place you can envision in your mind.  Life can be stressful and sometimes overwhelming.  If we take a few minutes each day to go to our happy place, we will be able to handle the chaos better.  Take a few minutes and breathe.  Calm the chatter and refocus.  


If I’m at home, I go outside and sit on my porch swing, close my eyes and listen to nature.  When away, I close my eyes and envision something that brings me happiness like the ocean or grandchildren.  Envisioning these things helps calm me and stop the negative mental spin.

It’s NOT a selfish thing.  It’s just a way of being kind to yourself.  Yes, that’s OK.  I know this isn’t what you are used to doing.  We, by nature, usually put ourselves at the bottom of the list.  We nurture others while ignoring ourselves.  If you remember to treat yourselves in the same loving manner you treat your family and friends, you’ll be surprised the difference it will make in your life. Seriously, give it a try.  There’s nothing to lose but lots to gain.  This is something ID has taught me that I must take care of myself before I can effectively help others.


So do something each day that brings you happiness.  It may be as simple as sitting quietly enjoying a chocolate chip cookie or watching the clouds drift by.  The ideas are limitless!

We all have a choice in the way we get through the day.  We can choose to make a conscious effort to be aware of what is triggering our thoughts/feelings or to be unconscious and ignore what is going on around us.  I’ve found that being conscious is the way to go in order to keep moving forward in a positive manner. 


Happiness is contagious.  Let’s pass it on beginning with ourselves.


Heartbreak Rescue by Rona Recker


“I’m not feeling well and my emotions are all over the place…how do I recover from heartbreak?”



Hello A,

It is challenging healing through heartbreak. There are a host of emotions you experience and they will come on randomly, taking you by surprise. You will also have physical symptoms occurring as well.


To help you get through this process, you definitely want to make sure you have your authentic emotions. Dropping too far and too long into them will not be helpful for you, though. So, do what you can not to drop too far into your sadness.


The only way to truly heal through this is to grab hold of your Spiritual Connection.  

You can utilize this process to assist you:

1.       Connect spiritually (meditate, picture a light coming through to you, concentrate on your inner belief, etc. (or utilize your Grounding Words from Releasing Old Beliefs). And ask, “Is the time up on this?” If ‘yes’ pops in, you will go through the heartbreak process.

2.       Picture an energy line between you and this person/situation and imagine yourself pulling the line away from your body and replacing it with a line to your spiritual connection. If you envision more than one line, do this to each one.

3.       Then, write down multiple traits about yourself that are positive (or use your 7 Human Roles formula). This is who you truly are. You are going to put your effort here each time you drop, so when this happens, use your energy to grab hold of those traits - who you truly are. Take care of yourself through this process.

4.       When you don’t like the things happening in your humanity, finding the deeper meaning spiritually is the only stronghold you can embrace that will help you come through on the other side. So, spend time journaling or pondering what good things are to come your way next in your life. And plan and move forward on those things. (you can utilize Manifesting your Desires here as well).

5.       You are going to have to train your mind not to linger on the negative. When it comes in, feel it and then do something to move you forward on the good things in your life.


I send you my best!



If you have never taken the courses at Intuitive Development, they are very useful tools that can help you successfully get through anything that comes your way in life. They not only help you internally find peace, but you will find working these tools helps your physical health as well.