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Knock Knock.... by Rona Recker

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Y.M.I. who?

Y.M.I. sick????!!!

I have noticed a LOT of people are experiencing colds, the flu, sinus infections, etc. And the word that popped is that it is because of GUILT. When we feel Guilt, our immunity lowers and sickness can get in. 

What is Guilt? It is all about judging yourself. Guilt is ‘supposed’ to be a momentary reaction to help us get back in balance because we either didn’t hold a decision we made (for example, you made the decision to have a small event with just your family and other family members feel slighted... but they don’t realize you needed some intimate time to bond again) or we did not make the right decision in the first place (you knew not to overextend yourself and you did it anyway). (Manifesting Your Desires Course). Guilt stops us from being able to manifest things in our lives.

So, how do you clear being sick? Well, clear your Guilt! (Stop beating yourself up!)

First, write everything down that is bothering you and determine what you could have done differently to prevent it. (Like, holding to your decision of having the intimate family time, or speaking up saying you weren’t going to be able to overextend yourself). 

We make a lot of decisions because we don’t want to reject people and don’t want them to reject us. And every time we do this, we fall into a Dependent Pattern (from 7 Human Roles. How do you feel when you get rejected...? That’s your Dependent Pattern). We don’t make appropriate decisions for ourselves every time we do this and we just accumulate more Guilt.

Second, if you know you made the right decision... Stand firm in it. Hold that decision and honor it. If you did NOT make the right decision, you need to have a clearing conversation either with the person or within yourself. It could look like an apology, clarification, or just knowing you are going to work on not doing that again.

Think of all the conversations going on in your mind right now... clear them with real heartfelt conversations. Then...

Knock knock...

Who’s there?


Guilt, eh? 


Sinus Infection Rescue By Rona Recker


Scott's Question:

“I have recurring sinus infections, especially around trips. I have been asked to go home on a trip and see family, and I don’t know how to reconcile the hurt with other family members.”

Rona's Answer:

Hi Scott,

When we experience recurring physical concerns, there is an underlying cause that started it. Physically, you know what you need to do when you get a sinus infection to take care of it. But I would like to address the cause of them and what is making your body vulnerable to the infections.

Metaphorically, since yours is a sinus infection, look for a significant person in your life that you were upset with… in this case… about the trip (hint…it is the person you are going home to see). Allow yourself to feel those emotions around that situation first. Since you are going home, having a conversation with that person about that incident would be good… asking for feedback and where they were at when they made that decision. (I’m talking a little in code here).

And then there are the ‘other’ family members there that you allow yourself to feel angry with, rather than the original person. You are blaming them for the incident, rather than addressing the type of relationship you want from the original person. Getting clear on what you want from that relationship and having a dialogue with how it can look like for the both of you that works will release the frustration you experience each time you think about this person.

If you feel lost on how to do this, we have a course called Understanding Emotional Patterns that would help you be able to clear the emotions that get triggered for you, so that you don’t have to feel that way anymore.

- Rona Recker