Rescue Your Sleep by Rona Recker


Dear Rona,

I have been incredibly tired lately. No matter how much sleep I get (or don't get) I never feel rested.



Hello AG,

You are definitely not alone in your experience. For you personally, your tiredness is coming from not making clear decisions and moving forward with them. You are doing what you think you are ‘supposed’ to do and your decisions lose their passion in the meantime, leaving you feeling tired and drained.

Make a list of all of your obligations/choices right now…all the choices you are ‘supposed’ to be making, then switch your obligation into owning ‘why’ you are selecting those choices.

Example: You have to get up at a certain time for work, or do a project you don’t really want to do. Look at the big picture…is this job financially providing for you in the way you want right now and that supersedes a project or waking up earlier than you’d like?

Example: Now look at your smaller decisions. You go to lunch with a friend and they pick a place you don’t really want to go. You go anyway. First, negotiating a place you both would have liked would have been ideal. But you already ate there and later that day, the food and/or experience did not satisfy you and you overeat in the evening. Speaking a clear decision would have prevented it, but since you happened to miss that opportunity, you are left with a residual feeling of not being satisfied. Are you willing to speak up next time? If you are, hold that and speak up next time.

Example: Play back your day and make the decision in your mind that you ‘wished’ you had made originally. Why didn’t you make that decision? You must speak what is true for you without the edge (you know what I mean). ;) Are your choices guiding you to your highest self? If they are, HOLD those decisions. If not, renegotiate (without the edge).

Sleep well!