Meet Lee Staley, Creative Director by Amy Gorno

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Meet Lee (Lisa) Staley.

Lee’s first introduction to Intuitive Development was in a workshop Lynn was facilitating in Clarkdale, Arizona.  The connection they shared for this work and the grand vision of how they could be united in expanding and sharing it on a grander scale was immediate.  Lee became Creative Director in 2004 as well as honorary 3rd sister to both Lynn and Lisa.  

Lee’s collaboration with Lynn on the concepts taught at Intuitive Development along with her attention to detail and visual presentation lends to the homey, magical feel that IS The Center for Intuitive Development.  She is instrumental behind the scenes of the company, yet you will see her regularly during the Mastering Intuitive Living (MIL) class using her gift as an empath to assist the group and/or individuals to clear, strengthen, and balance their energy so they may continue to move forward in their desires. 

Lee may be the quiet one of the “3” sisters, but her energy and intention is palpable. She is very effective in what she does and brings an invaluable service to all of those who get the chance to work with her directly.  She understands the importance and impact of Intuitive Development’s legacy as it pertains to her life and others. 

Lee’s creative contribution is seen also in the poems and stories she’s written for her children. All of them inspired by life events, challenges and lessons that her children were learning. One such story is that of Wobbly Woo that is available for purchase on Amazon.

How blessed are we to have Lee Staley as our Creative Director?!!!