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Empower Your Life!

This course will identify a truth that is specific to you. You will learn how to stop your “mind chatter” and leave judgment behind you, and work toward achieving your dreams! Be confident in your truth, connect with your intuition, and celebrate who you are!

Create Balance in Your Life!

Are you the type of person who likes to take charge of life? Do you have several roles to play and feel you have lost control of them? In this course, you will define your seven primary roles: Provider, Lover, Friend, Daughter/Son, Mother/Father, Wife/Husband, and Woman/Man. If your job is a success but your kids will not listen to you, or if your friends will give the shirt off their backs to you but you cannot find “the one”, your roles are out of balance! Learn how to stop overcompensating in one role to offset problems in another! Gain tools that will change your life!

How to Connect With the People in Your Life!

Learn to confront difficult situations and people without being confrontational. This course will teach you how to truly connect with any person. This could be your partner, family member, friend, boss, co-worker, or a complete stranger. Learn to stay true to yourself and appropriately express your feelings without being stuck in hurt, anger, or going numb. In this class, you will discover what causes you to shut down and what keeps you in negative relationships with others. You will leave this course knowing what you can do to change it!

Define your Bottom Lines!

Learn what you are willing and not willing to compromise in your relationships. In this course, you will learn to work through power struggles without losing yourself. This course will teach you how to create healthy connections in ALL relationships, intimate and otherwise.

Define your Life Purpose!

In this course, you will learn three amazing concepts: Purpose, Practice, and Path. This course for those determined to improve their lives. Learn how you deal with your intuition. Discover your life purpose and get the path you need to take to achieve it!

Learn About What Drives You and Why!

This course is not about beliefs or proving if other lives do or do not exist. This course will explore your interests, attitudes, and fears that have a powerful affect in your life - with no logical reason as to why. You will create or “re-live” stories to remove negative patterns. You will discover what is stopping your progress in life, find out the solution, and get direction on what actions to take to stop yourself from repeating those patterns. This course will leave you feeling empowered to make the changes you have always wanted to make!

Bridging Two Worlds!

Do you keep thinking about relatives, years after they have passed away? Maybe a coworker reminds you of your late mother and you do not know why. Have you been unable to get over the loss of a friend? This course will speak to all of this and more. You will learn how to connect with loved ones after they pass and why it is just as important to them as it is to you!

Use your EGO for GOOD!

Our ego can be just as positive as it is negative. Our ego started from beliefs that we used to connect to the people in our world such as our parents. Unfortunately, some of those beliefs have become destructive and limiting. Without realizing it, continuing to live with these old beliefs has caused us pain, struggle, and fear. In this course, you will discover yours and learn how to release those beliefs that no longer serve you. You will leave this course with the tools needed to use your ego in a positive and productive way. Past students have regularly reported a sense of freedom after finishing the class.

Live the Life You Want!

Life is all about balance. A life out of balance is difficult and sooner or later change is necessary. The knowledge and commitment to our new belief (learned in Releasing Old Beliefs) is the start of a complete shift in how we live our lives. This course teaches us about the internal and external sides of ourselves as well as how to balance them. Learning to use this type of balance will help you to make changes, take chances, and live life without pain, struggle, and fear. You will leave this course knowing what balance means for you and how to use that and other tools (learned from earlier courses) to create your new standard of living your life.

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